(updated 2/27/15 with Registration info below)

The Windy City’s fathers have vowed that if Chicago ever thaws out, they’ll put on another marathon this fall. Odds are 2-1 in favor of that happening, so we’re rounding up a little team from down South to go show those Land of Lincoln pax how real running is done.

WHEN: Sunday, Oct. 11, 7:30 a.m. Central until you finish <4 hours later. The next day is Columbus Day, so you either have off work, or wished you worked for a marathon-sponsoring bank that does. So, you can think about getting to Chi-town Friday or Saturday, and returning Monday.

WHERE: Duh. We’ll work on hotels soon, but they won’t be Charlotte prices (#bigcity). If you have a buddy, ex-girlfriend or third cousin to stay with, go for it. Feel free to bring your M and/or sig. other as well, either to give you someone to chase for 26.2 miles (Fishwrap) or cheer you on with a latte (YHC).

HOW: The registration lottery will be open for 6 weeks, from Tues, March 10 through Tues, April 21. You have to sign up in that window, and commit to the $185 fee, and they’ll let you know in late April if you’re in (this isn’t New York – more than 50% of people get in, and potentially more). If you work for Bank of America, you get guaranteed entry (no lottery needed, but must sign up during that timeframe) at 1/2 price. #perks

HOW ELSE: You can get guaranteed entry if you fundraise a required amount for one of the official charities. There are several excellent ones, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association that our man Nash is supporting. If you’d like to jump on MDA Team Momentum and can commit to raising $1,250 or $1,750 (depending on when you HC), contact Nash or MDA directly. Otherwise, start saving now to contribute to his and other worthy efforts (YHC’s post-race beer fund is not “worthy,” but will also accept donations).

TRAINING: YHC will organize Saturday or Sunday morning LSD (long, slow distance) runs about 3-months pre-race, which might align with some BRR training. Beyond that, get yourself focused on the running-heavy workouts during the week and get your mileage up.

AFTER HOURS: And before hours, too…the Cubs will be deep into the playoffs then (yeah…), we’ll coordinate where to get together for Saturday pre-race meal and Sunday post-race imbibing, and all that.

For now, just clear it with the M (or invite her), Comment below with questions or to HC, and get ready to register.