It was a beautiful morning this morning.  11 pax showed up for a little taste of cheddar bo’s and cigarettes.  YHC will explain later (shout to our Danger Zone homie).  YHC hopped out of the car with a Weinke list and a head cold.  10 pax were already present when YHC arrived, a beautiful sight.  Only, something was awry.  One fella stayed in his car and as time ticked closer to 0530, YHC decided to give him a 10 second notice.  Billy hopped out of his car and explained that his flight had been changed and he wasn’t going to be able to stay for the beatdown.  The pax bid him adieu.  YHC felt deja vu, as if this had happened before…

Ah yes, that’s it!  YHC recalled his virgin Q, the one in which Burt came to drop off the shovel flag, then bounced to go do yoga.  You know, becuase it was 5 degrees Farenheit. And Burt is soft like that.  YHC was awed at the irony when he saw that Burt had inexplicably brought his yoga mat to post this morning.  Coincedence?  Or a set up?  Either way, YHC is about to dish out some punishment.


Jog to the gigantic concrete baseball for:

  • Side Shuffle Hop x 25
  • Good Morning x 17
  • Mountain Climber x 21
  • Windmill x 15
  • Blame the crazy cadence counts on the head cold

The Thang:

Jog back toward cars.  Realize Billy is still here…..what?…, let’s stop and line up for 15 Monkey Humpers in cadence, in Billy’s general direction.

Wave bye to Billy and head for the picnic shelter.

Once there:

  • 5 pull-ups OYO
  • 10 Derkins OYO
  • 10 jump-ups OYO, plank when finished
  • Repeato
  • And Repeato, again


  • Homer to Marge, feet on the seats x 25
  • Homer to Marge, left leg only x 10
  • Homer to Marge, right leg only x 10
  • 25 Sumo squats, in cadence


  • 5 pull-ups OYO
  • 10 Derkins OYO
  • 10 jump-ups OYO, plank when finished
  • Repeato
  • Mini-Plank’o’rama: left arm up, left leg up, Regular, Right Arm up, Right Leg up

Next, jog to the rock pile.  Pick two small-medium rocks and circle up for some rock-o-rama:

  • Sir Rockio Arm Circles x 10 forward, x 10 backward
  • Rock Press x 15 in cadence
  • Rock Triceps Extension x 15 in cadence
  • Cheddar Bo and Cigarette x 20 in cadence (this is an honorary exercise for our homie from Danger Zone who eats Cheddar Bo’s and smokes his Marlboro’s while he watches us beat the hell out of ourselves.  This is essentially a rock curl in which you bring the rock all the way to your mouth and mime taking a bite or a puff…depending on which hand has the cheddar bo and which one has the cigarette.  Long live Cheddar Bo.)

Next, we toss the little rocks back into the pile, then…pick out a BIG rock, and follow me to the basketball courts for a little fun

Circle up at the courts for 15 Rock Merkins, OYO.  Count off 1s and 2s, then head to the end line:

  • 1s: Similar to a beast, run the courts making six stops along the way, but only doing 5 reps of a given exercise.  First run = 5 merkins at each stop
  • 2s: People’s Chair, with BIG rock near and dear to your heart
  • Flapjack


  • 1s: Backward run, 5 prisoner squats at each stop
  • 2s: Plank with Big rock on your back, kindly placed there by the 1s
  • Flapjack


  • 1s: Regular Run, 5 jump tucks each stop
  • 2s: Balls to the Wall
  • Flapjack


  • 1s: Regular run, with 5 Burpees at each stop
  • 2s: Chilkut till 1s reach halfway, then 6″ leg hold till all the 1s finish
  • Flapjack

At this point, YHC heard cusses and pax proclaiming “this sucks”….music to YHC’s ears!!!!  That means…one more round.

  • 1s: 1 manmaker at each stop
  • 2s: Russian Hammer
  • Flapjack


YHC can’t remember the counts, or the order of the exercises (we went off-script and let the Magic 8-ball decide), but I know we did LBCs, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercuries, and we ended with a rousing round of Homer to Marge to shut it down.  The cadence again got pretty wonky…this head cold is no joke.


  • Name-o-rama
  • Announcements – F3 Dads this weekend.  Check website for other announcements
  • Prayer requests: Burt’s in-laws both needing prayer for healing and relief. Banjo’s boo-boo. YHC’s head cold. I forgot to mention this earlier, but I recently met with the community pastor at my church about F3, so prayers that more men can learn about and be positively affected by this group

Thanks for working hard today, gentlemen.  And for the mumble-chatter.  It freaks me out when no one talks, and I get such enjoyment when pax cuss me and administer death threats.  Makes me feel like I’m doing something good with my life!

Keep inviting friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers, enemies, strangers, Cheddar Bo, etc.  It was my pleasure to lead this fine group of men today.  And Billy, you get an “A” for effort.