There is nothing like 90% humidity to start off your week right. 5:30, no FNGs, and we’re off.

Warm up

Mosey to the tennis courts and circle up:

  • SSH x 15
  • GM x 15
  • IW x 15
  • SFAC x 10 each
  • MC x 15

Tha Thang

The Original 4-corners

Congregate in the corner of the tennis courts nearest the exit. We will be working clockwise

  • Corner 1: 5 burpees
  • Corner 2: 10 merkins
  • Corner 3: 15 plankjacks
  • Corner 4: 20 squats

The Extended 4-Corners

YHC decide we need a bit more room to maneuver, so mosey’d out of the tennis courts and out the entrance to the park. The PAX assembled on Quail Hollow Dr. where YHC explained the next set. First, partner up with similar speed. We will be running a 4-corners again, only a) with more distance between each corner and b) completing all previous exercises at each corner. We will run the (1.3 mile) loop around the park. Head north on Quail Hollow Drive (uphill). At each corner complete your exercises and plank it out until you partner is done.

  • Corner 1: Quail Hollow and Thoreau
  • Corner 2: Thoreau and Wingate
  • Corner 3: Wingate and Hardimont
  • Corner 4: Hardimont and Quail Hollow

End where you started (park entrance) and repeat the set until everyone is done.

At some point, the PAX noticed that String Bean (who hasn’t posted in about a year) was smoking the field. The guy makes it look effortless. T-claps to Western Stranger for keeping up with his partner.

After the PAX was all in, we did a bunch of planking to slow the heart rate and get the sweat pouring.

Set of 7’s

Next up is a set of 7’s up the driveway into the park. Start at the bottom with 6 jump squats, run to the top for 1 burpee. Back down for 5 jump squats, then to the top for 2 burpees. 4-3, 3-4, 2-5, 1-6. End at the top.

Somehow, the count got off today. Either the entire PAX skipped a lap or Encroachment/Furley added a lap. Either way, we ended the set by being lectured by Encroachment on how “you are only cheating yourself.”

More plank stuff ensued to slow the heart rate and get the sweat pouring.


To finish it off, get back with your partner and line up on the tennis courts. P1 runs a suicide touching the far end line (I was corrected – doubles line) of each court, while P2 does AMRAP exercises. Then Flapjack.

  • Round 1: AMRAP LBCs
  • Round 2: AMRAP LSFs
  • Round 3: AMRAP H2H

Circle up one last time for Have-a-Nice-Day. THE END.

Announcements/Praise/Prayer Requests

  • July 4th – There will be a convergence, but no location has been announced. There is also a 4-mile race benefiting Healing Transitions that morning. Join one/both if you are in town.
  • Sept 3 – Hashbrown and Box Jump are putting together a group for a Spartan Race.
  • The newest F3 Raleigh AO is live. Iron Eagle is Saturday at 7am. Be there.
  • Prayers for Woody’s father-in-law who is having a hip replacement today.
  • Prayers for Bike Shorts’ aunt (Katrina) is have colonoscopy surgery on Tuesday.
  • Prayers for War Child who has a bike accident last week and surgery over the weekend. He is at Wake Med – visit if you can.

YHC led us out with a prayer.

Today was a pleasure to lead. Post on Monday hasn’t been my thing for a bit, but it sure feels good to sweat out the weekend. Until next time – Spin.