Crisp fall weather this morning brought 16 intrepid PAX out to do some work downtown Cary. Little did they know they were in for a history lesson as well.

Short mosey around parking lot, warm up:

SSH x25, MC x20 IC. Merkins x10 OYO.  GM x10, hold it, SFAC x10 forward, hold it, Cadre Phil overhead clap x25, hold it, SFAC x10 reverse, and recover.

Count off 1s/2s. 1s are now “Deltas”, 2s are now “Rangers.”

YHC let the PAX know that this week marked the 23rd anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu, and was rewarded with a collective “huh?” I later on asked if anyone had seen Black Hawk Down, and their early-morning neurons were jogged sufficiently. I think. The story goes, the Army is trying to help distribute food, and the UN decides a bad guy is hindering that effort, so let’s find him.

First phase – storm building, secure suspected bad guys

Jog over to stairs by the church playground. Deltas storm the building (run up stairs), do 7x merkins, come down, 7x prisoner squats. Repeato x3 for 21 prisoners.  Rangers pull security, by doing 10x air squat, 10x merkin, AMRAP. Then everyone Flapjack, because we’re equal opportunity here.

Here’s where the mission goes pear-shaped. Bad guys shoot down a chopper, Super 6-1, with an RPG. The convoy is sent to find the crash site.

Second phase – find crash site

Armored convoys move slowly. Alternate bear crawl and lunge walk each light pole to the end of Waldo street, stopping each time for 10 merkins.

We didn’t get as lost as the convoy did, but didn’t see a chopper at the end of Waldo street, so we headed back down the street the way we came. Not through heavy small arms fire, but with bear crawls and lunge walks. I believe I heard a “Are you kidding me?” — which is about what the Rangers said when asked to return the same way they had come while getting shot up.

Back at the bottom of the street, we took stock of our situation. The task force at this point had taken about 50% casualties, so in that spirit, partner up and carry up to the courtyard, run back. Flapjack.

Third phase – survive the night

Let’s move some. Mosey to arts center. Our task force had to hunker down overnight and ride it out while an exfil plan was developed. We’re going to ride it out with 15 burpees OYO, 30 American hammer, 20 plank jacks, 10 tooth chippers, 25 LBC all IC.

Fourth phase – exfil

In the final phase, as our beat-up task force linked up with APCs and tanks, the injured were loaded in, leaving no room left for those who could walk. These guys had to go on foot the last mile, exposed and under fire. We didn’t go a mile, we weren’t getting shot at, but Academy Street is in something of a state of destruction right now. So there’s that. #firstworldsuburbiaproblems

Deltas sprint 2 light poles while Rangers do AMRAP squat. Once all the Deltas arrive, Rangers sprint up while Deltas squat. Repeato all the way back to the courtyard.

Back at the courtyard, do 18 merkins for each US service member KIA. 18 more for the 300-500 Somalis killed during the battle.

Prayers for the Sputnik and Coney families. Wonk took us out in fine fashion.