YHC has a few favorite AO’s and Flood Zone is one of them.  There’s much to offer and usually a pretty good crowd.  However, coming up with ideas on how to create mumblechatter amongst the PAX faithful is a constant challenge given the Q talent and variety any workout might offer.  As yet another edition of Flood Zone approached, I found myself scouring the F3 backblasts and YouTube for some new and different exercises to provide a beatdown that would be expected.  I finally settled on some oldie but goodies from my time with P90x and Insanity…I had no idea what might come out of it… With 33 PAX posting this morning, let’s just say #MumbleChatterOlympics ensued, starting with the early birds at 515.  Here’s what went down…

EXTRA CREDIT (515-530)

  • Brief jog on lower level, loop around to pickup Bob Villa who pulled in right as we took off
  • Run up staircase to top level, circle up for some intervals

YHC explained he would call various exercises but they would not be in cadence.  PAX would get a 5 count letting them know when to switch.  Not your normal warm-up and so the mumblechatter began almost immediately…each exercise was up tempo and lasted between 20-30 seconds each

  • SSH
  • Seal Jacks
  • Heisman (this is when the PAX began trying to correct me and say it was actually the Dan Jansen…well…not my Dan Jansen)
  • Butt Kickers
  • Vertical Mountain Climbers
  • Ski Down
  • Dan Jansen – left leg (this is a balance exercise)
  • Dan Jansen – right leg
  • In and Outs
  • WWII Situps

Jog down ramps to meet the 530 PAX with some Karaoke thrown in for good measure.  As we approached the 530 regulars, YHC noticed we’d have a large crowd today.  Things might get interesting…

REGULAR (530-615):  YHC quickly donned his Santa cap and after a quick check for FNG’s, we began rolling out and then a new guy appeared almost immediately.  YHC stopped the PAX, gave a quick disclaimer and then we were off.

Brief jog on the lower level to an open area near the creek bridge.  Circle up for some warm-ups.  As I did with the EC group, YHC explained I’d call various exercises with no cadence with a 5 count near the end of each one to let them know when to switch.  As in EC, mumblechatter was almost immediate…the PAX clearly does not like a change in their routine.

  • SSH
  • Seal Jacks
  • Heisman (once again, the PAX challenged YHC and called this the Dan Jansen…oh, if I only had more time…)
  • Butt Kickers
  • High Knees
  • Mummy Kickers
  • Ski Down

Recover and Count off – 33 total… YHC had odds and evens split up into 2 lines for an Indian Run which we started after crossing the creek bridge onto the Greenway trail behind the mall.  Indian Run down to the McDonalds (lots of mumblechatter, especially since ManRam and Vector Victor started up front at a somewhat faster pace than your normal Indian Run pace).  At one point YHC saw Bob Villa running on top of the 5 foot retaining wall at the McDonalds…ballsy.

Partner up at the corner.  Partner Carry in the direction of the new apartments with no destination given…flapjack as needed.  Lots of mumblechatter here as various PAX kept asking how far, how much longer…YHC smiled…

PAX stopped at the bottom of “yet to be named hill” and waited for all PAX to arrive.  Odds would run up the hill and back while even’s would perform called exercises and then flapjack.  Each group ran up the hill 3 times.

  • Merkins AMRAP
  • Reverse LBC’s

Partner Carry up to the top of the hill…flapjack as needed.  Mumblechatter explosion ensued. Plank up top waiting for all PAX to arrive.  10 Burpees OYO – more mumblechatter.  Jog down hill…WAIT…YHC stopped the PAX halfway down.  Partner up and Wheel Barrow back up the hill, flapjacking as needed to the last fire hydrant and then sprint the rest of the way to the top.  Frequent mumblechatter at this point.  Squat hold waiting for PAX.  YHC asked Ron Mexico for a number between 10-20.  18 – there it is…18 Burpees OYO…mumblechatter volcano…

Recover on the jog down the hill back to the corner across from McDonalds.  Squat hold waiting for PAX to arrive.  20 Power Squats in cadence (down and jump up = 1).  Recover on the jog back to the parking garage.

Circle up for Mary:

  • American Hammer x25
  • In and Out’s x15
  • Rosalita x 10

COT, Announcements, Prayers

  • F3 Christmas party – Monday Dec 22nd, 7-930pm at Tyler’s Tap Room – Seaboard Station – Cash Donations accepted at the door
  • Toys for Tots – Ron Burgundy is collecting toys through next Thursday.  Bring them to a workout and give them to the Q or catch up with Ron Burgundy this weekend or early next week.
  • January 1 Convergence at Fletcher Park – 7 am
  • Prayers for Darby’s friend from the Rangers – John – returning vet who needs encouragement
  • Family with an 8 yr old daughter in the ICU with pnemonia

Cherie Berry closed us out strong in prayer.  It was a pleasure to lead you men this AM…and I forgot how much I hate partner carries…still sore.