While anxious 2.0s and M’s tried to sleep on the first day of school for Wake County, a Pax of 20 gathered in the cool gloom of a school/park parking lot for a back to school keg party.

The Thang

Warm up: Jog around park on greenway return to parking lot. Circle up for G Morning x 10, Seal jacks x 15, Mountain climbers x 20, Merkins x15, Ski Abs x15, Imperial walkers x 10.

Keg time: Count off into groups of six. 6 filled homebrew five gallon kegs were unveiled, each weighing about 50 pounds. The mumble chatter ended in disappointment when YHC revealed that the kegs held water not Zima.

Each group carried their new 50 pound friend to the wet, grassy field for:

keg races: one member carries the keg the length of the field (about 100 yards) while the remaining team members run down, back and down again. Flap Jack until each of the 3 team members has carried the keg. At the end of each leg the PAX did a merkin exercise: merkins x 15, diamond merkins x 10, wide merkins x 15.

keg squats: One team member does AMRAP squats with keg while other team member does jumps over a planking team member x 10. Flap jack until all team members complete squats.


Jog with kegs to sand volleyball pit for Three Corners:

Corner one keg exercises: curls, upright rows and overhead lifts
Corner two: AMRAP sand burpees
Corner three: AMRAP sand squat jumps
Bear crawl in sand short sides of court to next corner, sprint in sand long side of court. Pax completed 2 rounds, first round 60 seconds at each corner, second round 30 seconds each corner.

The wet and now sandy PAX moved onto the sand pit wall for:
Quick feet x 25, irchins x 20, jump ups x 15, dirkins x 10.

Circle up for Mary:
LBC x25, Dying cockroach x 15, Six inch leg hold with arm flutters x 20, American Hammer x 15, Niplers x 20, chill cut for 5 count around circle.

Pax finished strong with 15 burpees OYO.


Man Ram took us out with some strong words.

It was a pleasure for YHC to start the week off in a strong way, thanks.