YHC rolled into Moore Square with a few minutes to spare to 5 PAX ready to go.  With Cujo expected to join us, we worked the four corners of the park for a while.

The Thang:

Sprint to the first corner and squat hold, lunge walk to the next, karaoke to the next, and backwards run back to the start.

Find a spot on the wall for a few rounds of quick feet and dips.

Still no sign of Cujo so we ran the 4 corners again with plank-o-rama at the first corner, merkins at the next, something at the next, back to the start, still no sign of Cujo.  With only 30 minutes left, we headed to the parking deck above the CAT bus station with a stop in the walkway at Wilmington street for a round of peoples chair.

Choose a partner for an alternating run / exercise to the top of the deck, first partner squat holds while partner 2 runs the ramp ahead, both then do exercise and partner 1 holds while 2 catches back up.  Merkins, Dan Jansens, hand release merkins, Peter Parkers, King David Kicks, Freddie Mercury’s, Mtn. Climbers, LBC’s, Burpies, and several more. We also switched up to peoples chair holds and plank holds for the waits.  I think we went 7 levels with 2 stops per level, great view from the top.

Mary at the top: LBC’s x 30, Homer to Marg x 10, 6 inch leg hold for a 10 count around the PAX


COT: Name-o-rama, prayer by Tony Robbins

As I started the old diesel up, I hear, hey, hey……, here comes Cujo running to meet us, fresh shoes and powder blue  shorts, says he missed us by 5 minutes.  Epoxy suggests a quick 10 minute run, though Cujo seemed to have worked up quite the sweat running through downtown looking for us.  With 3 PAX left, Epoxy Gnard, Cujo, and myself headed south on Blount for a few blocks and back through City Market and Moore Square with some merkins, irkins, L/R step ups, and derkins mixed in.  We did another quick name-o-rama and told Cujo we would look to see if we could find him a new alarm clock.

Really done now.