Twenty-six PAX gathered in the dark and gloom at Fetzer Field Monday morning and 45 minutes later the sun was up, the perfect metaphor to a nifty way to start their week. Ram Air took 15 in the group on a “Back on the Train” workout while the others circled up with Shooter and a circle of barbells and kettlebells for a “Heavy Metal” beatdown.

The thang with the cardio group:

Run the Stadium Stairs.

“Bear Crawl Line of Fire” – Bear Crawl until Q says halt, PAX on the end of the line does 10 Merkins while other PAX hold the plank. Keep crawling, halting and planking until all PAX complete their Merkins.

Full Field Sprint

1/2 Mile Run Down the Hill, 1/2 Mile Run Up the Hill

Traveling Burpees to Half Field – Prisoner Squats – Lunges to the End Line

Full Field Sprint

50 Dips

Full Field Sprint

Meanwhile, the Heavy Metal circuit included one-arm rows (left and right) with 25-pound barbell; curls w/20s; side raises w/12s; renegade rows w/15s; deep swimmers presses w/15s; merkins; kettlebell swings w/25; goblet squat with w/35.

Shooter started his Tabata timer with 30 seconds of work, 15 of rest and rotation. The routine was broken a dozen times for 30 seconds of burpees or low-plank holds.