Another installment of Hopebuilder assembled five men confident in the power of God and in the persistent strength of our brother.

Dufresne attacked solid set after solid set, impressing the PAX with his intensity. He is genuinely a man with purpose. When presented with any opportunity for rest, the unrelenting Dufresne shook off the 10-count and lived up to his namesake, digging deeper for the next exercise. That’s F3 strong. Aye!

Midway through the post, we released The Animal. Dufresne punished the beast with each rep. However, in the process, Tony Robbins mentioned that one exercise incorporating the yellow, gummy-haired varmint was called “The Pile Driver.” This prompted Abu Nazir to recall that certain WWE wrestlers were particularly known for this move. But to his chagrin, Nazir couldn’t recall said wrestlers’ names. So, seeking to save face as a native NC easterner, he researched and delivered  this report for use in the official BackBlast record:

“The innovator of the pile driver was “Wild” Bill Longson. The most famous one in current times is the Tombstone pile driver performed by the Undertaker. Point of note, they were pretty much banned by the WWE after 2000 without the victim’s permission, and the only two WWE superstars generally allowed to do them at all are the aforementioned Undertaker and his purported brother, Kane.”

Dufresne didn’t ask permission.


Leg Presses – (alternating) sets of 15 x 2

Leg Lifts – (alternating) sets of 15 x 2

Leg Rolls – (alternating) sets of 15 x 2

Core Sit Ups – sets of 10 x 10

Happy Jacks – (oblique side to side) sets of 10 x 10

Elbow/Bicep Squeezes – aka Chicken Wings – (alternating) 2 x 20

Diamond Arm Push–aka Checkin’ the Animal for Weapons–(alternating) 2 X 20

Pile Drivers (alternating) 2 x 20

Bicep Extension with the rubber band (arms in 45 degree angle, extend arms down and toward the floor) – set of 20 x 2

Arm Extension (again with rubber band, arms straight out, push arms/hands toward the floor) – set of 20 x 2

The Hand L&R (alternating) set of 10 (using hand weight, hand extended out like you’d shake hands, moving left and right)

The Hand Up & Down (alternating) set of 10 (no weights, hand stretched out with palm facing the floor, move hand up and down)

Wax On Wax Off (alternating) set of 10 left and right, set of 10 up and down

Milking the Cow (alternating) set of 10 (using pink foam cube for hand strength – working to get another foam cube so we can do some utter work).



Prayers offered in thanks for the brotherhood of F3 and the privilege of walking with Dufresne, as well as prayers of blessing for Chris as he provides daytime nursing care, for the kids Braxton and Alise, and for Erica.


Though YHC was the on-paper Q, Tony Robbins provided the true leadership. T-claps for his enthusiastic work.

We enjoyed some laughs and general 2nd F revelry as the workout progressed. This included introductions, in which Cinderella shared the etymology of his F3 moniker—which is that he is Prince Charming and he married Cinderella. (You’ll have to ask him yourself.) So, in true F3 style, the PAX assigned him the name of the one who ran from the Ball when the clock struck twelve. Come to think of it, the man can run in some slippers. But I digress.

To keep up with interest in joining Dufresne and to keep pushing him, we have added Friday workouts to the mix. First Friday installment is October 18th at 0400PM.  See the Google Doc link below to sign up.