Fortunately, we have seen great numbers at The Arena lately, both from F3 and our brothers at Healing Transitions, and we definitely want to see this continue.  With these higher numbers, we need to remember the importance of wearing masks while on the campus of Healing Transitions and interacting with participants.  As a reminder, everyone should wear a mask before and after the workout, and anytime during the workout you cannot be 6 feet away from another PAX.  In case anyone needs additional justification, see below:

  • It’s important for us in F3 to be good role models for the participants of HT. 
  • Any positive COVID case on the HT campus could:
    • Require HT to halt new admissions
    • Require HT to restrict privileges (ie, no visits allowed from family, etc.).  Naturally, when participants have greater restrictions, stress goes up, and the potential for conflict goes up.
    • If the campus goes into a lock down, and other participants have seen F3 PAX not wearing masks on Tuesday morning or Friday afternoons, some may assume the lock down (and thereby loss of privileges) was a result of F3 which could create resentment among the participants. 

So, keep posting at The Arena and The Trudge to support our mission at Healing Transitions, but just remember to WEAR A MASK before, after, and during the workout when within 6 feet of another PAX.