F3 Raleigh Virtual OYO 10K (VOYO10K) – a new Team Challenge

In the spirit of competition, community and accountability, F3 Raleigh invites you to the first ever Virtual 10K event. If you choose to accept this challenge, you will be randomly placed on a team with a team captain. Following social distancing guidelines, you will have the next month to virtually train with your team. Your team captain will create a Strava group with your team name, so you can follow each others results and hold teammates accountable.

Then on Saturday May 16th, between 6:00 – 10:00 AM you will individually complete your 10K on a route of your choice. The activity will be recorded in Strava and go towards your team’s collective time. The results will be tallied. We will create an overall leaderboard, and a team champion will be crowned based on the average of each runner’s time. 

Pretty simple right? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Add yourself to the master spreadsheet (here)
  2. If you’re not already on Strava, get signed up
  3. Request access to the F3 Raleigh “Club” on Strava
  4. Start training! You’ll be assigned to a team within the next week  

Let’s take this opportunity to band together, and push each other as men of F3 Raleigh. Don’t wake up when this thing is over, wishing you had gotten off the couch sooner. Plus, the beaches will reopen some day. Don’t be the guy who gained the COVID–15 (lbs, ha ha). 

If you’re interested in being a team captain, please contact Ben Smith aka Les Nessman, bnsmith07@gmail.com.