2 Lonely pax showed up in the balmy 19′ gloom. Numbers are slim as most Pax are snuggled up in bed.

Warm Ups

Run Around The Track
25 Side Shuffle hops
20 good mornings
25 mountain Climbers

25 alternating Left Right Step ups
25 Dips
25 irkins

25 alternating left right step ups
25 dips
25 Derkins

25 count people chair
25 Top half Dips
25 Standard Merkin

25 Quick Feet
25 French Dips
15 each side Fazio Arm Circles

Reverse LBC
Hello Dolly
Hip Flexer Stretch
Low slow Flutter
Chill cut Right arm up left arm up
Cobra Stretch
Butterfly stretch
Inner Thigh Stretch

Short COT… Well done Boot and Pants for keeping me company