You were the winner this morning if you posted at Impossible Situation. 12 Pax joined YHC for a little pre game warm up for the media event taking place tomorrow. YHC wanted to have a loose football theme so the idea of 4 Quarters came up and we would certainly need some snacks and refreshments at halftime.
The temperature had dropped considerably over the past few days and there was a question of how many F3 fans would come out to support the Mothership under it’s new management. There were many Pax waiting in the lot as YHC walked back from a quick scouting trip and all were ready when the whistle blew.

Warm a rama:
The Ubiquitous (Everywhere) SSH X 20 IC
Cotton Pickers X 20 IC
Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

The Thang:
Mosey to the Shelter by the Tennis Courts where we would do 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest. The goal was to use your best form and push yourself not cheat your self.
First Quarter:
Split Squats

Timeout to run a lap around the track, lassie back for all and go back to shelter

Second Quarter:
American Hammers
Seal Claps

Halftime means more snacks and drinks. We moseyed up to the Pull UP bars for a Six Pack
Six pack:
1 Pull Up – 5 Merkins
2 Pull Ups – 4 Merkins
3 Pull Ups – 3 Merkins
4 Pull Ups – 2 Merkins
5 Pull Ups – 1 Merkin
Then work your way back down to 1 Pull Up – 5 Merkins

Quarter Pounder:
Sprint 25 yards then do 25 Merkins and Backwards Run back to start line
Sprint 50 yards then do 50 Squats and Backwards Run back to start line
Sprint 75 yards then do 75 Mountain Climbers and Backwards Run back to start line
Sprint 100 yards then do 100 SSH and Backwards Run back to start line

After this we had to cool down with a lap around the track and gathered back at the shelter

Third Quarter:
Peter Parkers
Flutter Kicks
Carolina Dry Docks
Air Chair Jack Reachers

Timeout to run a lap around the track, lassie back for all and go back to shelter

Fourth Quarter:
Plank Jacks
Crab Cakes
Sun Gods

Timeout to run a lap around the track, lassie back for all and go back to shelter

Split Squats

Mosey back to parking lot and circle up for Mary from the Fans

LBCs Sour Mash
Sweat Angel Goofy


Well the MC was strong this AM and almost made YHC lose count several times (we all know how great YHC is at counting IC anyway)

There was some discussion if Van Gogh leaves a light on for Lite Brite or if LB just looks around til he finds a light on

Kotters to Cherry Pie, he has been Duck hunting in Arkansas – don’t google that at work

Welcome to Kenny Loggins from the Raleigh Office – turns out that YHC knew him years ago when he was training at Wake – we need to get his brother out here

Sour Mash was flying on the Backwards run and crushing the work

Palin had some beard freeze going on and he was pushing hard

Great to have The Nantan with us today and he was sporting Falcon colors

Rust Bucket is probably the only Clevelander who supports Belichick

Tuco was remarkably silent when folks were talking about football – maybe he would like to go back to one of his naming options – we still don’t have a Manning

Chomper showed no weakness from his recent injury

Many pax relayed their high school football exploits, Van Gogh was a receiver and corner while Rust Bucket was a lineman and Lite Brite was cheerleader

Roosevelt was killing it today

Goofy saw the pattern early on and pulled the real estate card of location, location location – it only backfired once but he did come up with a new category for fun runs, the half 5K

Van Gogh was nice enough to help us out with tips on form today

YHC took us out giving thanks for the ability to be out with the group today and for us all to draw strength and inspiration from each other to be the change that we want to see in the world. Prayers for Palin’s Mother as she deals with some life changes while recovering from a broken femur. Also, YHC asked for the strength to face the daily struggles and challenges for all of us that are unspoken.

Sauratown Midnight Run around midnight tonight Message YHC, Rust Bucket or The Vig for details

Sauratown Sunday Morning Run being coordinated by Van Gogh

Extreme Run n Gun 3/4/17

We have a team in the Bourbon Chase and there is a Fit Couples team from Winston doing the Chase as well – so get signed up – Let YHC know if you are interested in the F3 team, not sure who is coordinating the mixer team

Don’t forget the Hopswap half marathon, 5k, Van Gogh is coordinating this

Thank you all for coming out and it was an honor to lead this morning.