Why do a fitness test? Well. If progressing your physical ability is a goal, you have to benchmark. YHC did the mile test at Hi-Fi last week for this reason. And so here we are Day 1 of the Old Testament Challenge, Class 002. Round 1 included 8 PAX who tested their mettle, facing ice and epic rains to complete. A fitting start. Now we see who desires to join the ranks. 11 emerged to accept the challenge. 5 of 11 are members of 001. 6 stepped up to the plate with the end goal in mind. How many will finish? Stay tuned.

Brief warm-up: 15 Good Mornin’s, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Mountain Climbers


Weinke was posted on the back of YHC’s car for reference. YHC thought he laid out instructions clearly, YHC was wrong. Mumble chatter was in abundance early, with questions and points of clarification abounding. During a Challenge, attention to detail and following instructions are key. We’ll leave it at that.

Partners were as follows: Vila/Cinderella, YHC/Friar Tuck, Azul/ManRam, Pepe/Joule, Maize/Pergo, and a lonely Moneyhose.

50 merkins, 50 sit-ups (not LBCs) with ruck on chest, 50 prayer squats

Up the dam with coupon. Alternate bear crawl/lunge walk. Partner lunge walking holds coupon. Alternate across the dam and then walk down the trail back to the start point.

50 ruck curls, 50 flutter kicks (2 count), 50 standing lunges

With coupon, double time across the dam.

50 partner derkins, 50 count 6-inch leg hold, 50 squat thrusters (squat to press)

W/o coupon, ruck overhead as you cross the dam.


-T-Claps to Sir Vila and Cinderella for completing the fitness test within the alotted time. It was close.

-Most men brought kettle bells as their coupon. Team Pepe/Joule brought a slosh pipe. Lunge walking with that thing looked difficult.

-Moneyhose arrived as we wrapped up warm-ups. He was held up at 440 with his ITB passport. Unfortunately for him, we was left partnerless. This meant he had no respite from his 50lb kettle bell. No bear-crawling was probably nice, lunge walking 100+ yards not so nice. Let me know how your quads feel tomorrow at TG.

-All in all, the PAX completed the full test. Everyone was in by 6:20, a few minutes after the time hack. Strong work by the men.

-Maize, Pergo, Azul, Moneyhose, ManRam, and Friar are the OTC newbies. YHC, Joule and Cindy are aiming to be two-timers. Pepe has to go to Augusta this week for some reason, and Vila travels to Charlotte which takes him out of contention for Blitz Wednesday. He is going to post #Ranger in Charlotte, which is apparently hard. So how many will wrap up 002? We’ll see.

The rest of the OTC is as follows. A Bob Vila Q at True Grit tomorrow. A 100 test at the Blitz Wednesday. Lutz Qs the Judge Thursday. Cinderella finishes it off at Tahoe Friday. This will be hard.

Prayers up for Pergo’s sister and mom both battling sickness. F3 Dads coming to Raleigh next month. Haven House workout tomorrow at 5:15.

Azul took us out.


Ps. Vila still hasn’t watched The Barkley Marathons. The EH continues.