(Posted for Fiddler)

32 Pax posted in less than ideal conditions for a Co Q by Duff and Fiddler (VQ) and were treated to a reunion of sorts of the All Airport Team from the Co Q’s high school bball days.  If you still don’t know the meaning of All Airport Team, google it like Wilson did and then you’ll understand why today’s workout focused on the arms and chest – if your skills don’t look good on the court, at least look good in those basketball jerseys fellas!

Extra Credit – Duff

Run to base of ramps leading up to Fleming’s, backwards run to the top.  Burpee shuttle run from one end of parking lot to restaurants – sprint to first light pole, 2x burpees, next, 4x burpees, etc. up to 8 burpees.  Bear crawl down steps and then find a spot on brick wall at base of steps for the Inverted Jack Webbs x 4 (well, really 3.5 as Duff was about to collapse on face so audible was called).  Back to base of ramps and backward run to top again.  Run over to parking lot by Belk’s for a Star Jump shuttle run starting a 2x up to 8x.  Back to starting point to meet up with waiting pax.

With no FNG’s present, Duff led the Pax on a warm up run and then circled up for:

  • Seal Jacks x 20
  • Good Mornings x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10

Main Thang – Fiddler

At this point, Duff handed the reins over to YHC for his Maiden Q.  Here we go, run to the rockpile under the bridge and grab a rock for:

  • Curls x 10
  • Overhead Press x 10
  • Bent Over Rows x 10
  • Tricep Extensions x 10

Repeat the cycle and put the rocks back.  Back on the run to the bottom of the long ramp.  Partner up for wheel barrow walks up the ramp, switching at the halfway point or as needed.

Back on the run, up to the top level of the deck and all the way at the far end.  Circle up and count off by 4’s for the main event, Four Corners.

YHC calls an exercise to be done at each corner, wait until all PAX in your group are finished, then sprint to the next corner (50 yards between corners)

  • Round 1 – Standard Merkins x 25
  • Round 2 – Squats x 25
  • Round 3 – Tricep Merkins x 10
  • Round 4 – American Hammers x 20
  • Round 5 – LBC’s x 25
  • Round 6 – Standard Merkins x 15

All 6 rounds made for 200 merkins, 100 squats, 80 Hammers, and 100 LBC’s with a little over a half mile of sprints mixed in there.



  • YHC would like to thank all the PAX who posted for his Maiden Q. Special thanks to Yo Yo for the opportunity to Q Flood Zone, and to Duff for not only the assist as Co Q this morning, but getting me out to an F3 workout last January.
  • The theme for Flood Zone is listed as “tempo boot camp”. Hope today’s workout met that criteria.
  • Q Adrenaline is a real thing, as Rain Man pointed out. It was an honor to lead this group of men today.


  • Ethanol is moving to Crabtree starting next Wednesday (11/19). Q’s are needed, sign up
  • Metamorphosis is moving to Mondays starting next week.  Sign up to Q and also need drivers for Cujo.  See sign up sheet link under Announcements on homepage.  Contact Cinderella for more info.
  • The next Arena workout is Friday 11/21. Start time is 2:30 at the Healing Place. If you haven’t posted at an Arena workout, do it. All 3 F’s rolled into one workout. Also, there will be (2) workouts a month starting in December. Check the website and twitter for info and updates, or get in touch with Duff or Countrywide.
  • The Forum launches on 11/17 at noon / Solas Coffee. Join Friar Tuck & Grady for an open discussion about the Book of John.
  • Rain Man encouraged all those who haven’t Q’d a workout to sign up and give it a try. There are plenty of PAX ready and willing to help by Co-Q’ing a workout with you, just ask. You won’t regret the experience.

Prayer Requests/Praises:

  • Seasoned Salt expressed his thanks for the thoughts and prayers for his daughters and his family

Orwell took us out in prayer.