Sixteen PAX gathered on a fine, cool morning for the privilege to stretch mind, muscle and limb. With eyes clear and hearts pure, we set out to fill our lungs with new air and our cells with C3H6O3.

Jog down Centennial Parkway to the lower soccer field


Side Straddle Hop x20

Windmills x20

Sir Fazio Arm Circles 2 x20


Convinced the only way to become faster is to go faster:

Field Sprints x8

LBC x35

Sproles Mass x Acceleration

Jog to Lake Raleigh

Dips x20


Jog up Main Campus Drive to the Institute of Textile Technology

At the time it seemed appropriate or related to the workout, though there is no real connection between calf raises or assisted head stands to textiles. Admittedly, the Q was poked after chasing the heels of the other PAX on the soccer fields and was postponing the inevitable long, uphill slog back to salvation, that is COT.

Calf raises at the steps 2 x20

Balls to the Wall at the wall x20


Jog to the Oval Lawn for Mary by T Square

Rosalita x20

Freddie Mercury x20

Russian Hammer x20

Reverse LBC x20


Jog back to the Ponderosa


It’s worth mentioning that we have a certain workhorse among our ranks, nay, a thoroughbred, named Orwell. Putting part of our brotherhood’s creed into action, Wilson tended to his fellow man on the journey back with, “Come on Orwell, I’ll put you back in the barn.” After a brief COT, we parted ways to help better our local worlds.