27 PAX removed themselves from the FS for a classic Bastille start to their Friday.  After a quick count-off including 2 2.0s (Iron Cross & Triple Threat), we launched into the following:

The Warmup
SSH (IC x 50), Merkins (IC x 15), BWS (IC x10), Arm Circles (IC X 10 fwd), (IC x 10 rev)

The Thang
The PAX grabbed the coupons sitting near the back of YHC’s trunk.  Since there appeared to be zero excitement from the PAX in grabbing added gear, those who didn’t opt for extra were given the gift of 10 burpees followed by a chase-down of the men with coupons.  Proceed to the Southern Village Green.

YHC’s short pre-ruck was basically a sidewalk-chalk mission to lay down instructions for the PAX.  The 5 stations were laid out in circular order around the green, running station to station:

  • BWS (x15)
  • Burpees (x10)
  • Pullups (x10)
  • PAX choice gear station (KB swings, DB curls, sandbag clean & press, etc.; x10)
  • Merkins (x15)
  • Repeato

The Town of Chapel Hill street clearning crew was diligently attempting to maintain the pristine appearance of the Southern Village roadways at 0530.  They didn’t seem to appreciates YHC’s little-known artistic talent for writing ‘BURPEES (x10)’ on their freshly cleaned streets.  While the PAX was completing their 2nd edition of burpees, we unknowingly entered into a game of chicken with the massive street sweeper.   As it should come as no surprise, the massive machine chickened out and peeled off into the darkness.  Thus, we continued…

While Spooky and Pink were lapping guys only 5 mins into the workout (no surprise there), most PAX ripped off at least 5 rotations for a solid morning of sweat.   As our endex time approached, we gathered the coupons and returned home.

The clock didn’t allow 6 minutes, so we gladly compressed Mary into only 2 minutes.
LBC (x20 IC), Right-sided oblique crunch (x10 IC), Left-sided oblique cruch (x10)

Homes: Many upcoming VQs at Pleasantville and The Cougar.  Check the sched for details.
Adolphus: Switch up your posting sites throughout the week.  Many new AOs including The Thicket, Pleasantville, The Cougar & Dancing Man (?) in Durham (launching 8/30 at 0530).
Skynyrd: Reminder of the F3 Family Pool Party hosted by Skynyrd, Marky Mark & all others living in BC.