17 Pax gathered together on a pleasant morning, the finest in a long while, to experience Hotspot’s Maiden Q.

The PAX started with a friendly runner’s warmup:

  • A quick lap around the parking loop
  • 20SSH
  • 10 Leg Swings per Leg (Watch your balance!)
  • 10 alternating lunge squats
  • 10 Pikes per Leg
  • 10 Hackey Sacks
  • 20 Frankensteins

The Thang:

The PAX grabbed themselves some rocks. A word to the wise – Listen the the QIC when he recommends a rock size!

  • 10 High Steps, right arm rock press
  • 10 High Steps, left arm rock press
  • 10 Doubletime High Steps, right arm rock press
  • The Huron Run (Indian Run while high stepping and rock pressing)
    • one pass of an Indian Run, with the PAX pressing their rock in their right hands
    • A second round hefting the rock in the left  hand.

-Lots of #mumblechatter about MIT degrees and such. Ended up being 17 men ambling around a circle with rocks somewhat over their heads.

  • Amble to the hill on the street, dropping off the rocks on the way
  • Elevens on the hill
    • 10 Double Star Jumps at the top (-1 double each ascent)
    • 1 Peter Parker at the bottom (+1 after each descent)

Mosey over to the soccer field (It was DRY!)

  • Honey badger 16×4 + 7 (Except for Wildcat fans) 
  • 6 Jai Jack (Harder than they sounded)
  • 30 sec AMRAP Merkin
  • 30 sec AMRAP Diamond Merkin
  • 30 sec AMRAP Wide Arm Merkin

Wrap it up with a little Mary

  • LBC (NOT ABC!)
  • Box Cutters
  • Freddy Mercury
  • 6 inch leg lift to a VERY SLOW 3 count per PAX

Finish it up with


Announcements – Apparently there is a Newsletter that YHC still can’t find. Someone help a brother out. And Ma Bell- YHC already checked the FAX machine and it’s not there either.

F3 Dad’s day Apr 25th. Info in said newsletter

Healing Prayers for McCant’s friend’s daughter and Burt’s Mather in Law.

It’s been a real pleasure to lead these men. Sign up as Q and try to have as much fun as YHC did, He dare’s you!