While a mighty convergence of F3ers made their way to run through muddy obstacles as marines yelled at them, YHC was passing the Captain on the last leg of his 6 mile jog to Pullen.  The arrival at Pullen was quite the change with the usual beat down relocated to Catalyst due to the Mud Run.  Only one straggler didn’t get the memo on the change, Geddy was up for the run over.  Soon met by 4 more PAX, we were off to the Arena.

Upon arrival we see Teddy, Pacey, & Drago waiting, then Sunshine hops out of his whip to make it a total of 10 PAX.  After a quick greeting and introduction for those unfamiliar, we made our way to the field to get started.

Warm Ups: SSH x 30, Good Mornings x 15, Windmills x 15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 both ways, Imperial Walkers x 15.

Head to the bottom of the hill for an interval burpie run, 5 before you start, 10 at the first pole, 5 at the next pole, head back to the first pole for 10 more, and back to the start and plank hold while you wait for the pax.

Jog back to the tracks and find a rock, squat presses x 12, pass the rock for curls x 10, pass it again for extensions x 12, repeto passing the rock each time.

Yog to the courtyard and find a spot on the seating for dips x 15, step ups x 15, derkins x 15, repeto x 12, grab a 10 count and repeto x 10

Circle up for Mary: LBC’s x 30, Freddy Merc’s x 15, & 6″ Leg Hold for a 10 count round the PAX


COT:  Prayers for Drago as he continues the journey God has set before him, for Dufresne and his battle, & for this time of the year that many would come to Christ and accept him as Lord and Savior.  Fazio led us out with a mighty word to God as the PAX gathered around Drago and laid hands on him.

Make the run back, Sunshine decided to run with us to Pullen and back to THP .

Consider joining us, a 3rd F outreach in a 1st F setting, you will be blessed.