In the wake of the great Roy Williams becoming the second coach at UNC to reach 800 wins YHC wanted to honor his accomplishment.  After a sweaty bunch showed up from EC we gathered.  No FNG’s, short disclaimer and we were off.

SSH X 15, Good mornings X 15


Indian run around trail and back to the parking lot.


Partner up, partner 1 ran around the parking lot, partner two did merkins X 100 (combined), LBC’s X 200 (combined), squats X 300 (combined), Irkins X 200 (combined).

The mighty Grady took over for bear crawl suicides while partner did curls, overhead press, triceps, and bent over rows with a rock.  Flap jack.

Same thing but crab walk suicides this time.

Aflac in charge for Mary:

Flutter kick X 15, box cutter X 15, plank for a while (high and low), Homer to Marge, Spine relaxers.

Prayers for Pink Slip’s little boy.  Announced Forum on Monday, and Go Ruck training going on for April Custom Ruck.  YHC shared about a devotion emphasizing the need to grow together rather than in solitude.