16 Pax (4 for EC) came out to celebrate 39 years of YHC.  YHC has a flat tire so needed a little running Q sub here and there.

Inspired by Candyland’s pre workout sprint around the loop, YHC had Mr Slate take the pax for a lap and meet at the basketball court.

SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x15
Windmills x10
Fazios x10
Trump joke
Reverse Fazios x10
Spurrier Good Mornings

Mozy to mid field

Line up on the field.  Two guys in the middle sprint as hard as they can until everyone else completes the exercise and yells for them to stop.  Then they mozy back handing off to the next set of runners.

Burpees x5 (35 total)
Squats x5 (25 total)
Pulse Merkins x5 (35 total) – runners bearcrawl instead of sprint

Mary Intermission

LBCs x20
Flutterkicks x20

Pax lined up on sidewalk and chased Candyland around the track (back trying to stay with the front).  Run till you get to the picnic shelter.

Irkins x10
Dips x10
Left foot one legged squat x10
Right foot one legged squat x10
Hand release merkins x10
People chair x150


Jog a loop lead by Spurrier.


Mary was lead by YHC and Skymiles tag teaming the exercises.  Great work by all!  And good luck on your first Q Skymiles!