That’s the Magic Number
Yes it is
It’s the magic number
Somewhere in this hip-hop soul community
Was born 3 Mase, Dove and me
And that’s the magic number

#hatehates…Google it.  40+ crew…peace.

Duff, Tuck, & me make 3.  We 3 know how it’s gon be.  Rucks on ya’ll 3 & let’s see.

Make the ascent to the upper lot & rucks off for…


GM’s > Windmills > MC’s > Merkins > IW’s


Rucks on & take the trail down to Shelley Lake.  Hang a right & proceed toward the dam. Bear crawl uphill & arrive at the top.  Lunge walk halfway across the straightaway & continue to the other side.  Bear crawl downhill along the path.  Proceed to grass near the pull-up bars.

Flutter kicks x 25

Partner-assisted ruck sit-ups x 50

Ruck shoulder presses x 15 > Ruck squats x 15 (repeato)

Rucks on & take the trail back to the lower lot.


Boxcutters > Hammers > Merkins



YHC prayed us out.

OBSERVATIONS:  Great to see Duff & Tuck after some time away from Gideon.  Shelley Lake is a beautiful scene as the gloom yields to daylight.  I had nothing useful to add to the elbow tendonitis discussion.

-Rogers out