It’s back. Who is the strongest, fastest, most well-rounded pax across F3Nation? The 2019 IronPaxChallenge will hopefully serve to answer this question this September. This challenge is managed by the Greenwood, SC Region.

Who: Any and all Pax across F3Nation
When: September
Where: Any and all regions across F3Nation
What: F3Nation-wide competition to determine 2019 IronPax – all the details here!
Why: Like YOU need a reason

The Gist

Each Sunday (9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22) during September, a new workout will be announced on Twitter – @F3IronPax – that is to be completed during the following week.  (Written instructions as well as a video will be provided to eliminate any potential inconsistencies/misunderstandings).  

Several of the NE Wake guys have signed up already! Jump on in.