Men, I am asking for your help on behalf of the F3 Nation Mission Trip to Peru Team.  
I have emailed 1 person from every region here to post to their Slack channel and to submit for insertion in the next regional newsletter. So if you’re on here, there should not be any duplication of efforts.  We all appreciate you doing this.
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2019 F3 Nation Mission Trip to Chimbote, Peru

Ever felt like even though you have everything, something’s still missing?  This trip could be it.  It will strip you down to the raw you.  Walls will come down.  Emotions will come out.  Bonds will be formed.  Why Chimbote, Peru?  Sometimes you’ve got to go down range to get out of your comfort zone, and while this is pretty far down range, there’s a magic to this tiny fishing village that’s very hard to find.  All of our material wealth combined cannot buy the joy and faith you will see in these people.

But even with this joy and faith, there’s a definite need for what F3 Nation has to offer.  Like a lot of poor places, male community leadership is sorely lacking.  This trip grew from 6 F3 men the year before to 27 this past January, and changed the life of every one of them.  Here’s a link to a video from last year’s trip F3 Mission Chimbote 2018 (  We’re going back, and this time we’re expanding it to 2 weeks so even more men across F3 Nation can join, and we hope you will be one of them.  Groups are forming now, and we are about half full capacity.

Week 1 Dates: 1/25/19 – 2/3/19 (led by GOP)
Week 2: Dates: 2/8/19 – 2/17/19 (led by Sauerkraut)

Interested in coming? Here is how you can get more information.  Also follow on Twitter @F3Chimbote for official comz

1) 10/16/18 Tuesday: Conference Call 6PM 888-549-3557 (PIN# 7047158019)
2) 10/30/18 Tuesday: Conference Call 6PM 888-549-3557 (PIN# 7047158019)
3) 11/1/18 Thursday: In-person meeting 6:30PM @ Ed’s Tavern (back patio)

Or Reach out to these #HIM for information or to HC.
Rudy Hayden
Twitter: @rudysroundtable
Reuben Torres
Twitter: @sauerkraut_F3.