Today I was honored to complete my first full Q! It has been a great journey over the past 4 months to even feel like I can pull something like this off. I thank my brothers for their commitment and encouragement to support one another and to be better men than they were the day before. Before I decided to ‘fart sack’ for about a decade, training for football was my driving force for staying in shape. I decided to draw upon that experience and bring it back for my first Q. Here we go…


1 lap around the track

SSH (x25)

Imperial Walkers (x20)

Windmill (x15)

Merkins (x10)

Fazio Arm Circles (X7 each direction)


4 Squared (4 rounds)

Around the parking lot and with the quickness, PAX must complete the square changing movements along each side (backwards run, low shuffle right, forward sprint, low shuffle left)

After each square, PAX must complete a set of 16 exercises…

1st – Jump (forward and back = 1)

2nd – Merkin with a row

3rd – Slalom jump (side right and side left = 1)

4th – LBC

The South Park Shuttle (Run)

Start on the middle line of the row of parking lots (there are about 15 or so in a row)

OYO (sprint) go to the right (1 line), to the left (2 lines), to the right (3 lines), to the left (4 lines), and so on until all spaces have been tackled.

Z Post Agility Run

Use the cement parking barriers as an agility course for a ‘Z’ agility run. You must sink low and explode as you change directions to feel the burn. Go the length of the parking lot…x10 merkins and repeat.

Overtime = Tabata

3 rounds of Tabata to finish off the PAX

1st – The Dip

2nd – Squat Jumps (told you they would happen)

3rd – Incline Merkin


WWII (x25)



F3 South Wake Christmas Party Saturday at The Mill in Downtown Fuquay


A few of our loyal PAX are recovering from injuries, Howard’s wife’s surgery, Yosef’s wife’s recovery from a broken ankle and for Deadbolts family. Strength to be men that lead in this world!

THAT WAS FUN! By ‘fun’ I mean, that hurt. Tardy and I almost shared some Merlot together, but we kept it under wraps.