Les Nessman reporting here. Today was a momentous day in the gloom for YHC. It was this Monday 1 year ago, YHC made his inaugural post at North Hills Park. After a couple months of ignorance to Gnobby’s emotional headlock, a sluggish FNG entered the gloom on a morning about as cold as today’s. Before leaving this morning M Nessman said “If no one shows up just come home”. YHC knew he would not be a lone ranger this morning. With a vague memory of that fateful Larry David Q last year, YHC decided to take a trip down memory lane. With no FNGs today sadly, we began our pain session.

Warm-Up: SSH x25, Good Mornins x20, Imperial Walker x20, Mountain Climbers x20, 12 Burpees OYO

Mosey back to the street over to Yadkin. Two lines, indian run down the street. Hold up at the bridge over the crick.

In cadence: Dips x20, Irkins x20, Jump ups on the curb x25 OYO, Prisoner Squats x20, Derkins x10

Mosey to the greenway trail. Bear crawl on the trail until YHC called halt: merkins x10. bear crawl a little farther, merkins x10. Switch to crab walk until under the bridge.

Jog to the fork in the path. 12 burpees OYO. Bear crawl over the bridge and mosey to the rocks. Grab a rock.

In cadence: Curls x15, Bent Row x15, Rock Hammers x25.

Now for the fun part. Partner up with a man of like size. Time to relive the hell that Larry David put YHC through on his first post. With your partner, alternate up Sisyphus doing partner carries and wheel-barrows. 1 year later, despite being in better shape, this was still terrible. Plank at the top.

Jog back to the entrance parking lot for Mary. LBCs x25, Freddie Mercury’s x25, 6-inch leg hold with a 5 count by each PAX. 12 burpees OYO.


Strong work by the 23 brave PAX who ventured out into the freezing cold this morning. T-Claps were given for Capt. Kangaroo’s 24 donuts at the KKC. 3 year anniversary Convergence at Pullen 3/7 6:45am, 6am if you’re into doubling down. F3 Connect Wed. 11:30 at Player’s Retreat, Rice Krispies talks about health (HC here http://www.eventbrite.com/e/f3-connect-raleigh-21815-rice-krispies-talks-avoiding-injury-in-the-gloom-tickets-15697505662). Forum meets today at noon, Panera on Six Forks near Strickland.

Prayers sent up for Cotton’s cousin battling cancer and Hush Puppy’s family members battling illness.


A few words of reflection on this momentous day. I was first EH’ed by Gnobby a couple months before my first post 1 year ago. At the time, I thought F3 sounded insane. I wasn’t disciplined about working out, and certainly didn’t enjoy getting up at obscene hours of the morning to go run around in the dark. Just wasn’t interested. After the holidays, a couple weeks of travel for work and a wedding, I felt lazy and sluggish. My good friend Rogaine (who hasn’t been out in forever) finally convinced me to give F3 a shot.

It was cold and dark that first day. I could hardly see the other guys out at that workout. Larry David took us down a similar path as my Q today. Mary was led by Dredd (at the time, had no idea who he was) that morning. After the partner carry/wheelbarrow misery up Sisyphus, I thought I was going to pass out so I just paced on the side during Mary. Costco named me Les Nessman for who knows what reason.

Over the last 12 months, F3 has been an essential part of my life. Physically I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Completed a MudRun and am a hard commit for the GoRuck this fall. But the biggest impact F3 has had on me is the friendships, fellowship and accountability with my fellow PAX. As one of the token young guys, I have enjoyed knowing and learning from my brothers who have a few more years under their belt. That is a great source of encouragement for me, that many of you may not have realized. F3 has made me a better man and I know it will only continue to sharpen me. Each of my fellow PAX have played a role in that process, and for that I thank you.

It was an honor to lead you this morning. I feel extremely fortunate to have that honor, and thank you for the opportunity.

Azul prayed us out.