Five of F3 Raleigh’s finest posted to Wolf Run today. After getting a quick recap of F3 bowling it was time to head out sans warm-up or disclaimer. That’s how we roll.


We ran. Duh, it is a running workout. YHC broke out an old favorite, the trip to Cameron Village. We headed through campus with a quick stop in front of Reynolds Coliseum for 10 BOYO. Broke out another 10 by Bailey’s at the apex of the workout. Well, YHC, some of the Pax did 10. Some stretched. Ahem. On the way back we knocked out 10 more by the State Gate.

6MOM with 24 each of American Hammers, Freddie Mercury, and alternating oblique crunches. We finished off with a high plank hold for a ten count around the circle.

Probably close to four miles today. Good work by the crew.


Ron Burgundy is collecting toys. Give him some.

F3 Christmas Party on 12/22 at Tyler’s at Seaboard Station. Send Slash a check.

No prayer concerns.

This week marked YHC’s two year anniversary of F3 and one year as site Q at Wolf Run. It is hard to believe it has been that long but it has been one of the best things I’ve done. Thanks to all of you for making F3 Raleigh what it is. Being part of this group is an honor and a privilege.

Congrats to Munson, who is taking the reins at WR. He is as loyal as anyone to the Oval. Come join him on Friday mornings.