F3 Wheelbarrow uphill

17 Pax braved the blustery and, according to Orwell, chilly conditions this morning at True Grit.  With the dam hill freshly cut, which appears to only be a semi-annual occurrence, YHC felt obligated to run some wheelbarrows up it as a sign of appreciation.

Warm up in parking lot:  SSH x30, good mornings x20, IW x20, mountain climber merkins x20

The Thang:

Jog up hill, across dam crossing with some leap frogs thrown in, and down the yet to be named hill (I vote Dam Hill).  Pair up.

Wheelbarrows up the hill; at the top squat thrusts x7, back down hill, flapjack.  Ouch.

Grab a rock: diamond merkins x20, squat press x20, offset merkins x15 each, tricep press x20, diamond merkins x15, side lunge with press x15, offset merkins x10 each, curls x15, diamond merkins x8, squats x15, offset merkins x8 each, tricep press x10

Bear crawl back up the Dam Hill and jog over to field.

Next up, pair up again for long-distance suicides marked by 3 glowstick cones about 25 yards apart:

1st Set:  one partner normal suicides, other partner split jumps, flapjack

2nd Set:  one partner suicides with backward run coming back, other partner plank walkups, flapjack

3rd Set:  partner carry suicides

4th Set (audible called to go to 2 cones instead of 3):  one partner suicides with backward bear crawl coming back, other partner high plank, flapjack.

Finish up with 5MOM:  Reverse LBC x30, American Hammer x25, Freddy Mercury x25, 6-inch leg hold around circle with 5 count.

COT:  continued prayers for Man Ram’s wife, Elizabeth, and Dufresne.

2nd F at World of Beer this Thursday 10/10 7:30pm

Yo Yo announced a new Friday workout, Flood Zone, beginning 10/18 at Crabtree Valley Mall.  Stay tuned.