washington delaware

Like Washington crossing the Delaware, the Shovel Flag was planted and F3 Raleigh continues the offensive inching closer into North Raleigh with the goal of linking up with our Briar Creek brethren.  We’re poised for more growth in 2014 and 11 PAX faithful descended upon Williams Park for Beta test 1.  This park is strategically located at the intersection of Lynn and Lead Mine Roads and has a lot to offer (easy access from various locations, plenty of parking, Running Trails, Tennis Courts, Picnic Tables, several open fields, mini-Track, hills, etc.  Today’s Sampler Platter was designed to give us and any future Q’s a taste of what’s available.  Overall, the beta went well.  About 30 min in, we realized we weren’t alone and discovered some coeds engaged in what we deemed to be a paid boot camp…(as Cinderella so kindly commented – hey we’re free).  While we observed some interesting picnic table exercises, they were far enough away not to disturb the PAX and our time with Mary.  Williams Park covers a lot of ground so there’s plenty to share…and we may end up luring some FNG’s.  Now, on to the Sampler Platter….

The Thang:

Warm up:  Brisk jog on running trail about 3/4 way around soccer field. Plank to wait for PAX to catch up.  Bear crawl about 75 yards to fork in trail.  Backward run to where we started next to covered picnic tables.  PAX spread out to their own spot on a picnic table.

20 Jump ups OYO;  20 Dips in 4 count cadence (10 regular, 5 w/ left leg raised, 5 w/ right leg raised); Peoples Chair on brick wall (3 – 10 counts – 1 regular, 1 w/ left leg raised, 1 w/ right leg raised); Balls to the Wall (3 – 10 counts); Meander to park benches nearby – 15 Derkins in 4 count cadence; 12 Dips in 4 count cadence [YHC had to call an audible as my triceps were about fall off]; meandered to playground equipment and what looked like a good pullup bar – YHC jumped up and quickly realized it would not work – audible to next exercise – Warm up over [this is when I noticed a man watching us [Numistic Spirit Guide?] – we later determined he must have been a personal trainer as we later saw he was working another person out and most likely was intrigued by the PAX and our intrusion on his patch of the woods]. #moreF3iscomingmyfriend  We continued…

Partner Carry down the same running trail to the first fork; Plank hold to wait for all PAX; Flapjack and return to starting point; Putin and Sarkozy while waiting for all PAX to complete.

Recover on the jog.  Wilson mentioned a hill on the other side of the elementary school so we went to see what was there.  YHC found the hill to his liking so we spent some time here.  3 rounds of up/downs as follows:  Round 1 – Bear Crawl up, Crab Walk down;  Round 2 – Sprint up, Bear Crawl down; Round 3 – Cinderella’s call – Crab Walk up, Bear Crawl down.

Recover on the jog to the mini-Track (about the same size as the one at Brooks Elementary).  Split into 2 groups.  Round 1:  Group 1 – Burpees OYO until Group 2 finishes their first lap – Flapjack.  Round 2:  Group 1 – Merkins OYO until Group 2 finishes their second lap – Flapjack.

Recover on the jog to the fence down by the baseball field.  People’s Chair – 3 10 counts as follows:  1 regular, 1 w/ left leg raised, 1 w/ right leg raised;  Balls to the Wall – 4 10 counts.  Recover.

Sprint to soccer goal.  Sprint to Invisible Soccer Goal (hey, it was dark out there).  Recover on the jog for something special about Mary.  PAX formed a circle, YHC pulled out two 30lb dumbbells and we did Mary as follows:  man in the middle does Lawnmowers with a 30lb dumbbell alternating arms while PAX does 34 (4 count cadence) Mary exercises.  Each PAX would rotate into the circle while the next PAX called and led the cadence for the next exercise.

Crunchy Frog x 34; Freddy Mercury x34; Hello Dolly x34; Reverse LBC x34; Windshield Wipers x 17 (per Orwells request – YHC had no objection); perhaps one or two more Mary’s – can’t recall.


Prayer Requests:  Orwell’s mom; Dufregne and his family; please add any others.

Announcements:  Wilson has Q for Beta 2 next Monday at 545am.