The resident Thicket chef’s debut recipes yielded merlot spillage, so the PAX was eager to find out what was on the menu for his second go-round. YHC is happy to report that no merlot was spilled, despite some heavy field work, heavy pavement work, and a whole lot of Mary.

Warm up
Wind mills x 15
Arm circles x15 each way
Jump lunges x 10

Cooking with gas
5 burpees
80% sprint the long way of the field
Karaoke across the goal line
Backwards run the other length of the field
Karaoke the goal line

10 burpees
Another lap of above lineup

20 burpees
Another lap of above lineup

Flame broiled
Wheelbarrow the arrows of the parking lot. Switch each arrow with 10 merkins each switch
8 arrows in total

Deep fried
Merkin carousel x10 each way

Soft poached
Pull up hold leg lifts 3 sets of 10

Hard boiled
Dips x30, 20 and 10

Fizzled out
10 min jog down and up the hill

10 minutes of Mary
WW2’s x 25
LBC x 25
Plank moguls
Boat canoe
Hamstring stretch
Mountain climbers
Peter parker, peter, merkin
Plank o’ rama