13 PAX came to Conspiracy at Hanes Park to be refreshed by the breathtaking NC humidity. The humidity is even better when you get to experience it with others all while performing different exercises on the Pendulum (Pull-up bars, Tennis Center, Intimidator).

It went something like this…

Slaughter Starter
20 Burpees (OYO)

Peter Parker x20
Air Claps x20
Parker Peter x15
Mountain Climbers x15
IST x15
Indian Run (400 meters)

Partner 1 @Tennis Center while Partner 2 goes to @Intimidator (Flapjack)
Partner 1@ Tennis Center while Partner 2 goes to @Pull-Up Bars (Flapjack)
Repeato till 6:10

@ Tennis Center
She Hates Me = Lunges x20 (10 each leg), Burps x10 (no push-up), Merkins x10
Single Landing Leg Box Jumps x 5 each leg
LBC x25
Repeato until partner shows up

@ Intimidator
Backwards to Carolina Ave
Squats x20
Forward to Jersey Ave
Derkins x10 (face down the hill)

@Pull-Up Bars
Pull-ups AMRAP (max 10 for Van Gogh and Snookie..he was a no show after an HC at Redline)
CDD x10
Hanging Knee Lifts x10
BTW x15 seconds

Low flutter x15
Freddy Mercurcy x25 (Spicoli)
Box Cutter x15 (?)
American Hammer x45 seconds (Cheerio)
Rosalita x15


  • Lots of early conversation from this energetic bunch in the parking lot pre-workout so why not start with the Slaughter Starter (Yes – Van Pelt continues to inspire YHC and Juicebox was grateful for it. I think?)
  • Minnie (spelling?) from Raleigh was looking strong coming down Intimidator
  • Spicoli seems unphased by anything the Qs can throw at him #roids #ifsoshare
  • Glazer & Cheerio constantly do the RI/RO to Conspiracy. However, only Glazer was spotted on the RO this morning. Cheerio was that you leaving in Cherry Pie’s vehicle?
  • Nice getting to know Breaker a little more this morning—looking strong for the hate hates. Plunger eh’s the young and strong!
  • Back Door, Razzy, and Swiss Miss seem to be Conspiracy REG-U-LARS if my mind is working well. There wasn’t much mumblechatter so the workout must have been to easy as compared to the BLIMPTIMIDATOR. Next time YHC will try to appease them.
  • Bevo rounded out the well represented hates this AM. Looking mighty strong in the gloom.
  • Minnie = Roosevelt’s brother-in-law from Raleigh, NC. Glazer promptly responded you really look like him. It must have been dark and/or the RI and humidity were getting to him (uh hmm brother-in-law). Hazer seized upon this opportunity for Glazer to elaborate.
  • Hazer has a torn meniscus, but what the heck he just keeps working. Looks like surgery is sometime in the future. Spicoli indicated Prospector continues to capitalize on the F3WS pool of PAX (injury farm)
  • MIA
    • Van Gogh was a HC at Redline, but a no show – missed ya. I even added pull-ups for you.
    • Litebrite was a HC via GAS Group email, but a no show too-missed ya.—Experiencing some shoulder pain
    • MIB has his thinking cap on for his studies this week- Contextual Theology…pretty sure F3WS will end up in his thesis.


  • Mongoose is hosting a Beer Run starting from Diamondback Grille tonight at 7:30PM. Get 4 miles, a beer, and the chance to hangout with Mongoose (just for you Lysol) …See Twitter–all paces welcome. Hazer was that you making a HC for the beer portion?
  • WIB, TRQ, Outcasts on tomorrow

Minnie – rising 6th grader diagnosed with Leukemia yesterday
Cheerio – One of his buddy’s son in Greensboro collapsed at football practice & passed away last night.
Hazer – surgery at some point in the future for the meniscus

YHC prayed with a heavy heart for these young people and their families who have barely experienced life. Asking the Lord to provide strength through these challenges. YHC also thanked the Lord for the ability to wake up and enjoy fellowship with brothers at F3.