Still reeling from 3 tough workouts already this week, as well as having to carry Banjo who is still crying about his boo-boo, I thought maybe we should stay local and not “travel” too far from the shovel flag. But it was no vacation. We’ll call it a staycation. Anyway, 11 hardy PAX who didn’t mind a little sprinkle showed up while the rest of Cary fartsacked. Here’s what happened:

We rolled as Grease Monkey screeched into the parking lot right on time. Jog up to Academy to Ashworth’s and step slide on up to the intersection with Chatham. Get low boys! Once we were on the corner, we sort of semi-circled up for the first warm-up exercise of 20 SSHs. Dontchaknow there are 4 corners at an intersection. Bear crawl over to the next intersection and do 10 x (4 count) merkins. Sputnik was done before the rest of us even started. Lunge walk over to the 3rd intersection. As Franklin noted, bear crawling and lunging across the streets added an extra element of danger to B.O. Do 20 x mountain climbers. Run across the street to the 4th intersection and pefrom 20 x Imperial Walkers. We’re warmed up now, so follow me…

Over to the bank courtyard and around twice jumping up on all the concrete boxes (that seem to be tailor-made for F3) along the way. Then grab a box and do the following (in cadence):
Alternating L/R step-ups x 16
Irkins x 10 (4-count)
Box Jumps x 12
Derkins x 10 (4-count)
7 Box Jump Burpees

Repeato the set. No rest in between exercises or sets.

Split up into 1s and 2s.

1s run around the Ashworth’s and back to our 4-way intersection. At each corner, do 10 star jumps.
2s do low box flutters AMRAP

1s karaoke around Ashworth’s and back to the intersection. At each corner, do 10 standard merkins
2s do sumo squat jumps AMRAP

1s backwards run around Ashworth’s and back to the intersection. At each corner, do 10 squat jacks (or alternatively called jack squats)
2s do LBCs AMRAP

Follow me down Chatham and across the street to a sloped parking lot. Hit some stairs along the way. Jog down to the bottom of the parking lot and do 4 sets of sprints to the top and jog back down. Largemouth gave Grease Monkey a run for his money. After the 4th time, jog back to our intersection and step slide (I know it’s hard but stay low) back to the intersection with Waldo then back to the shovel flag. Circle up for a few minutes of Mary
Freddy Mercuries x 25
Box Cutters x 15
Dying Cockroaches x 15

Name-o-rama – welcome to FNG Candy Man. Ma Bell worked hard to get him out to F3!
Announcements – Convergence and Flag Football this weekend, F3 Dads on the 25th. We also took the lead from the mission for the Chavis Park workout and how we can reach out to our disadvantaged neighbors in Cary to promote male leadership in the community.
Prayer requests – Prayers for Grease Monkey’s 21 year old co-worker who was recently diagnosed with cancer
Ma Bell took us out in prayer.

I am always humbled to lead such a hardy, high quality group of men in exercise, fellowship, and prayer. But it’s someone else’s turn for a while! I will humbly follow.