So the Blue Ridge Runners were all home in bed fartsacking in preparation for the weekend race.  That didn’t stop The Crick + Ali from showing up to keep Endorphin a float while the runners were keeping the bed warm for their wives.  5 PAX showed up for a somewhat humid run in the dark.  Thankfully we had two headlamps present courtesy of Spurrier and Birkenstock (new to Endorphin.. regular at The Crick).  The frogs were safe and we were off!  Nickelback, Ali, and Birkenstock did about 5 miles, Spurrier and Kanye did 4.5.  Everyone made it back, Kanye nearly took out the gate trying to jump over it.  Nickelback cleared it with about a foot to spare as usual.  Great run .. looking forward to having everyone back in a couple weeks.  No workout next week due to 9/11 convergence.  Good luck to the runners tomorrow!