Men of F3 Raleigh/Durham,

The time has come to start preparations for the Blue Ridge Relay

What is the Blue Ridge Relay?

– The Blue Ridge Relay is a 208 mile, team relay race, through the Mountains of North Carolina. The race is broken up into 36 legs to be completed by you and your teammates. Teams can range from 4-12 runners, although teams of 9 or 12 are recommended.

The race begins Friday morning, 9/11/15, in Grayson Highlands State Park in Southern, Virginia, and finishes mid-afternoon the next day in downtown Asheville, NC. You and your team will make your way along the course in rented cargo vans, dropping off and picking up runners throughout the night. The average leg is around 5.5 miles with the shortest being just over 2 miles and the longest at 10 miles. 12 Man teams can expect anywhere from 13 to 22 miles for each runner, while 9 man teams should expect anywhere from 18 – 32 miles for each runner.

Legs vary in difficulty from easy(cherish these) to mountain goat hard(you can guess what this means). With training, anyone can do this event! Each team will have a team captain to organize the logistics and leave you to only worry about the miles you run. Full info on the race can be found here,

Last year, F3 had 31 teams out of 160 teams competing; were planning on dominating the event again this year. Raleigh/Durham is putting together several 9 and 12 man teams to compete this year. If you are at all interested in competing, there will be a team for you.

How much will this cost?
The cost to register for a 9 or 12 man team is $1200, but after figuring in van rental, gas, supplies, food, etc… the total cost usually comes to around $150 – $200 per person.

For Now…

If you are interested in joining a team, email Yo-Yo at with your desired team size. Or, if you and a group of guys are interested in forming your own team, please send your current roster along with your elected team captain, and the size of your team (9 or 12 man).

Once you have a team, or part of your team, assembled, only one team member needs to submit the registration form along with payment. Don’t waste time as this event fills up quickly every year.

If you have any other questions, email Yo-Yo at: