What exactly is the QSource?

The QSource is the integrated expression of F3’s leadership philosophy. It is the F3 leadership manual. It is designed to be used by F3 members to improve their leadership skills for the benefit of their families, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

At its highest level, there are 50 QPoints touching on different aspects of leadership. With 5 Foundational QPoints and the remaining QPoints divided into 4 Quadrants, a student of the QSource will find themselves getting right, living right, leading right, and ultimately, leaving right.

You can spend countless hours reading about and studying the QSource and I bet you’ll learn more and something different each time. For starters, here are a few resources that will help you get going.

F3 QSource Index: https://f3nation.com/q-source-index/

43 Feet Podcast: https://f3nation.com/podcast/

F3 QSource Hard Copy Book: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjXnvGlsrPzAhVjD1kFHaUfAl8QFnoECAIQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2FQSource-F3-Manual-Virtuous-Leadership%2Fdp%2F1698352611&usg=AOvVaw1IzdLERrxeKQqqpjKd8mo0

The Warmup:

Any combination of warmup exercises will do, but YHC will always start with 20 SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers, a 10 count Good Morning, and 5 Burpees OYO.

The Thang:

I open the main event by asking the PAX who has heard of or read the QSource in the past. In my experience thus far (3 workouts thus far), roughly 10% of the PAX raise their hand. Good feedback from the start.

I then ask, knowing that the odds of a correct answer are slim, how many QPoints comprise the QSource. 50 is the answer, and PAX are typically left in a confused, often “oh crap”, type of state. With answers ranging from 4 to 100, I share that the answer is 50, and lay down 5 penalty burpees.

After the grumbling begins, I then ask how many Quadrants there are across the QSource. Most PAX revert back to their QPoint answer and correctly guess 4, but some do not. If they do get it wrong, you got it, 5 more penalty burpees.

After that quiz section is over, I ask the PAX if anyone can name the first quadrant. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some PAX, quickly answering, “The Get Right!” TClaps to those who answer correctly, but 5 penalty burpees for everyone if nobody can answer correctly. I then ask what the definition of “The Get Right” is. Often times, there is a long pause, which then I say, “The Pursuit of Proper Personal Alignment”. Before starting the exercises, but after 5 more burpees, I describe the Concentrica and the visual of a man rowing down a river in a boat that has capsized. The PAX are then tasked with completing a Set of 7’s with the Qs exercises of choice that day. Once the PAX are complete, we close out The Get Right.

We then move into the next question. “What is the next quadrant?”. Again, some blank faces and a sense of more penalty burpees on their way, PAX call out phrases that don’t quite hit the mark. After the penalty burpees have been paid, I share, “The Live Right!”. I describe that, in this quadrant, a man who has and continues to Get Right shifts his perspective to other men whose boats are capsized. I share that IMPACT is an acronym that they should go look up and study. The PAX are then tasked with partnering up with another man, and the standard DORA (100 merkans, 200 squats, 300 LBC’s) is then called out to complete. By partnering with another man, the PAX complete the exercises faster than they would have on their own.

You guessed it – after “The Live Right”, I ask what the third quadrant is. Some PAX start to catch on, but still miss out on the answer. Penalty burpees ensue and the PAX start to chirp at YHC. After sharing that the third quadrant is “The Lead Right”, I ask what acronym & which letter of the alphabet they should know to remember the QPoints of “The Lead Right”. Silence fills the gloom, and I share that “VAPE” (Vision, Articulation, Persuasion, Exortation) & the “5 C’s” (Candor, Commitment, Consistency, Contentment, and Courage) are the leadership skills & leadership virtues. By combining both the skills & virtues, a man truly becomes a virtuous leader. The PAX then combine smaller groups into larger groups (no more than 4 or 5), and YHC directs the PAX to lead within their own groups by rotating the calling of exercises. PAX are free to decide which exercises they call out. This lasts for approximately 10 minutes or however much time the Q wants to allow the PAX to lead.

Lastly, we finally transition into “The Leave Right”. I ask the PAX what they think the definition of this quadrant is, and, similar to the above, not much of a response. Assuming that they will yet again be completing 5 burpees, I share that the definition is “the construction of legacy.” I hold myself from calling penalty burpees and direct the PAX to discuss with their small groups what legacy means to them. How are they working to build a legacy? What does legacy mean to them? We mosey back to the AO and give the PAX a few minutes to discuss. I then open up COT by asking if anyone feels led to share what their group discussed or if they want to share a personal testimony. It has been such a blessing thus far that PAX have left the workout inspired to go back to their families and make amends or take action with their M’s and/or 2.0’s.

This workout can be modified however you see fit, but each exercise has been thought out to reflect the meaning of the Quadrant. PAX start out alone, often as Sad Clowns, who are fighting to get adrift. With the help of another man, and by starting to help other men, acceleration truly begins, and an IMPACT has been made. Men then shift to leading their families, workplaces, and neighborhoods, and ultimately, when the Sky Q calls you home, a legacy has been constructed.

Feel free to share any feedback on the 3rd F Slack and/or QSource Slack Channels to better improve this workout.