Having been out of the Q business for the last 6 months and so many new guys in Carpex stepping up to show the way, it was time to get back into the mix. No better place to reengage then in the newly glitzed up downtown Cary.

With plan was in place, 18 Pax took long loop to bank circle with jog and karaoke. The warmup, fairly standard stuff of 20 X SSH, Hillbilly’s, Cotton Pickers, Irkins and Mountain climbers all went pretty smoothly with order generally maintained despite the mumble chatter.  But then YHC got difficult, asking the Pax to count off and remember if they were odd or even.  This turned into alternating 1 / 2 and other counting variations.  Took a few attempts, but eventually we got the counting thing down, making it to 18.  Now we had it, warm up complete and odd or even established, time to move on.

Stop at the rock pile, pick up a short-range travel rock, some Pax understanding this means can be good sized, other not so much and therefor will not be needing a band aid at beach this summer. Line formed and 15 X rock curls, tricep extension, shoulder press and rock row, then keep your rock and lunge walk across parking lot, mosey back.  A brief arm respite with star jumps x 10 and arm circles, then pick up rocks again and repeato X 10 and after lunge walk, drop rock back at pile.

Now, grap a partner and lets do a 5 merkin catch me if you can run to Cary Arts Center (Per the WWW, that’s proper name, YHC called it a museum, probably best to keep calling it the old Cary High although it hasn’t been Cary High since 1960, Wonk probably knows all this).  Get to know your partner better by performing 5 bro-burpess and 10 patti-cake merkins.  Time to give next instruction when our quiet ToC goes NYC on us and sirens start to blare.  Eventually instructions passed to have partner 1 bear crawl up the ramps, partner 2 American hammers, flip flop or flap jack as per your preference.  Next, partner 1 shuffle down from top of ramp with hands and feet on rails, partner 2, LBCs, flap jack and plank it out when done.

With time running short, moved to nearby parking lot for scaled back to version of 11’s, now it was 5’s, exercises Body Builders and Peter Parkers and we even survived the garbage truck that got a look a Large and decided but to pick up trash elsewhere.

And now the memory test, even’s one side, odds the other for 2 column Indian run back to home base followed by brief round of Mary, that’s a wrap.


Announcements: KKR Feb 4, Warm up with Murph at Pullen, 6:45

MaBell extended invite to all Pax for Monday night meeting in Durham, topic F3 growth and planning. Contact your friendly Nantam for the deets.

Prayer concerns: Continued prayers for Levi and also for McCants friend who are in difficult places, prayer for Mom of good friend and neighbor of Burt and Coney.

Was fun to step back into Qing, thanks, I really enjoyed the opportunity and great way to kick off age 53!.