Krispy Crème Challenge was to begin at 8:30 at the NCSU Bell Tower. To accommodate those who wished to undertake this annual festivity, Ambassador moved over to old Pullen Park for the AM and got at it 15 minutes earlier with a 6:45 start time. Here’s what we did.


Mosie to the main circle…

SSH (Cadence x20)

IW (Cadence x20)

GMs (Cadence x15)

FAC Fwd (Cadence x10)

FAC Rev (Cadence x10)

Seal Claps (Cadence x15)

Standard Merkin (Cadence x10)

Plank Jack (Cadence x20)

Standard Merkin (Cadence x10)

Mt Climber (Cadence x20)

Standard Merkin (Cadence x10)

The Thang

Mosie up to the pic nic shelter…

LR Step Up, Dips, Prayer Squats (Sets in Cadence x20, x15, x,5)

Mosie over by the half pipe…

Merkins at the top edges (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x)

Mosie over to the rock pile at the tennis courts.

Curls, Tricep extensions, Rock Row, Rock Squats (3 sets in Cadence x10, rotate rocks and a single burpee oyo between each exercise)

Rock Press (Cadence x10)… rocks back

Mosie to the tennis courts

BTW (dysfunctional pax count)


Suicides with hand release burpees

Low slow flutter.


Mosie to the bridges… mix of urkins/durkins

Mosie to the lake… more urkins/durkins with quickfeet sprinkled in

Mosie back to the main circle.


Box Cutters, Freddy Mercury, LBCs, Low slow flutter, American Hammer, Have a Nice Day



KKC2017 (it was immediately afterwards and now passed as of the time of this post)

Mule on 3/4/17

Ambassador back to Chavis next week. Buubs has the Q.

Prayers & Praises

ManRams father. Civility.