With Herring now unable to post at The Arena given his new work schedule, there was some concern over who, within the HT Pax, would step up to be the internal leader and recruiter.  Turns out this concern was unfounded, as Kimbo Slice has stepped up in a big way.  Since posting at his first Arena about 2 months ago, Kimbo hasn’t missed a workout, has already Q’ed his first workout,  has recruited at least 6 FNGs in the past 2 weeks, and has posted at Ambassador on Saturday twice. It is inspiring to watch this man’s passion and dedication to the F3 mission.

YHC and Overdraft made the pre-run over from Pullen and found the guys waiting for us in the courtyard.  With 3 FNGs present, a quick disclaimer was given and we were off.


SSH x 20, Good Afternoon x 15, I/W x 10, Mtn Climbers x 10


Jog behind the building to the field on Lake Wheeler, across Goode St to the rock pile.  Passed ManRam and 2.0 Boog on the way, arriving to get started on Boog’s Eagle Scout project of building an exercise station for the clients of HT (more on this later).  Everyone grab a travel size rock and head back across Goode St.  Lunge walk with rocks overhead from volleyball court to first power line.  Line up at bottom of hill facing up hill for a little Rack ‘Em and Stack ‘Em with rocks.

Run to first pole, merkins x 5, back to rock for rock squats x 5, repeat with increasing reps by 5 each time until hit 20x for each.

Merkin lock on the rock x 10 each arm.

Burpees x 5 OYO

Rock curls x 15.  Sprint to first pole and back.

Tri press x 15.  Sprint to first pole and back.

Shoulder press x 15.  Sprint to first pole and back.

Burpees x 5 OYO.

Carry rocks back to rock pile, lunge walk with rocks overhead across volleyball court.  Return rocks.

Back over to entrance of HT, find a spot on the curb for Quick Feet x 10,  Baby Irkins x 10, Quick Feet x 10, Baby Dirkins x 10.

Over to shaded area in grass for MARY.  LBC x 20, Reverse LBC x 20.  Done.


Countoff, name-o-rama (some fun was had naming the FNGs, particularly Pink House), announcements (including sharing of sobriety dates for some), prayer requests and awarding of Arena shirts to Rockefeller and Highlander who completed their third Arena in a row today.

Overdraft took us out.

T-claps to ManRam’s 2.0 Boog who, for his Eagle Scout project, decided to build exercise equipment near the volleyball court for the clients of Healing Transitions.  T-claps also to Kimbo Slice and Battery who pitched in on Saturday to help complete the project.  The finished product can be seen below, and needless to say it looks AWESOME and will be a welcome amenity for the men of Healing Transitions.  For the grand opening of the site, Boog himself will be the Q for the next Arena on 6/24.  Make the time to be there.