Second official weekend of F3 Chicago expansion at the bean in Millennium Park.  A dozen PAX met at the bean and moseyed over to the amphitheater to warm up

Warm up:
SSH x20, Good Morning x15, Plank/Merkins x15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 each direction, Imp walker x20, LBC x20

Run to stairs at the south end of the park
Set of 11s on the steps – burpees at the top, star jumps bottom.  Squat hold upon completion and wait for the PAX and the light to change.

Run to the lake front. Partner up for a set of accountability reps – 100 merkins, 200 prisoner squats, 300 LBC.  Partner 1 starts the reps, while Partner 2 runs back to the park entrance.  Flap Jack until all reps are completed. Plank work when complete until all teams finish their reps.

Run back across the street. Bear crawl up the ramp. Sprint to the benches. Sets of Urkins, Step-ups, Squats and derkins.  Indian run back over the bridge to the bean.

Freddie Merc x20, American Hammer x20, low slow flutter x20, 6 inch leg hold for 5 count around the circle, Have a nice day.


Annoucements – Denari looking to start some regular weekday workouts at the Bean at 5:30.

Orange Whip took us out.

Great work everyone.