There is a dam at Shelly Lake. It stares at you with a faint, almost imperceptible guttural growl. Tall, thick, wet grass covers both the lakeside and parking lot side of this dark and hulking knoll. Hunched over, it scowls at all who dare to gather beneath its ominous shadow. 0530. The men of True Grit stood below this dark ascent. And then, teeth bared and eyes narrowed, we attacked the dam. Both sides. Brace yourself like a man…


WARMUP – Classic Rock in the Parking Lot. A-sides.

Run to the top of the Dam


  • Descend Parking Lot Side / Hop the Fence / 7 Burpees / Hop the Fence / Ascend
  • Descend Lakeside / 7 Irkins / Ascend
  • Repeato on each hillside, descending from 7 down to 1 Burpee/Irkin

This sucked.

Recover on the Plank 

Descend down to the rock pile at the base of the Dam

Grab a Rock to Travel With


Overhead Rock carry up the hill to the right of the dam

  • Overhead Rock Situps w/ Partner x20/ea
  • Overhead Rock Heels to Heaven x20
  • Overhead Rock Rosalitas x20
  • Air squats x15

Overhead Rock Carry to the base of the trail split

  • Rock Woodchoppers Right x20
  • Rock Woodchoppers Left x20
  • Rock Curls x20
  • Rock Bent Rows x20
  • Air Squats x15

Overhead Rock Carry up the hill back to the top of the dam

  • Rock Swings x20 (a la Kettle Bell Swings—careful not to sling your rock into the man across the trail)
  • Rock Bottoms Up Right x20
  • Rock Bottoms Up Left x20
  • Rock Curls x20

Descend the Hill, replace your rock for another day



  • Clear skies in the early morning gloom produce a stunning view of the heavens.
  • During one of the rock sets, we learned that under the Special Skills section of his resume, Johnny Utah speaks Duck. You can Endorse his Speaks Duck skills on his LinkedIn profile.
  • True Grit Take-Away: Hopping a precarious chain link fence endangers a man’s family multiplication apparatus. This according to Orwell, Cherie Berry
  • The PAX just attacked the Dam with a vengeance. Nice work, men. It’s True Grit. It’s supposed to suck.


  • The Mule. Sign up and do it. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • The Arena happens on Friday afternoon. Sign up to join in and be 3rd to some men at The Healing Place. You won’t regret it.
  • Join Cinderella & Co. at Metamorphosis to bring a workout to the men living at Raleigh Rescue Mission. #iam3rd


  • Prayers for HoJo. Prayers for PAX who are injured. Prayers for other men in need.
  • YHC shared that in Romans 5, there’s a stair step: “Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character, and character hope.” We can know that in the middle of suffering, it’s not all there is. It leads to better things. Makes us stronger. Gives us hope eventually. But it starts with suffering. And it requires leaning on our brothers in the midst of suffering and leaning most of all on God, because he’s in it. We can trust him.
  • Cinderella lifted us up to our good Father. And we were out.

Nice work, brothers. Thankful for each of you.