15 pax braved it out this morning for a workout that seemed to challenge even the fittest among us. Not much mumble chatter as we got going, though Friar was clearly fit enough to haul around a rock all morning and still chat it up a bit. Great time was had by all.

The Thang:

SSH X 30
Sir Fazio X 20, front and back
Imperial Walkers X 20
Mtn Climbers X 25
Peter Parker push ups X 20 OYO (thanks to Superstar)

mosey over to the rock pile and meet your new friend

In Cadence, 20 curls, 20 shoulder press, 20 bent over rows, 20 squats. Repeat

Up the hill with the rock and repeat.

With rock in hand run to mid field, drop rock 10 burpees in cadence. To end of field, people’s chair with rock outstretched. 10 burpees, then to mid field, 10 burpees, then to end of field. Curls, shoulder press, bent over rows, squats (10 count each). Repeat all with Peter Parker pushups at mid field on way down.

Mosey down the hill and to parking lot for more curls, shoulder press, rows, and squats.

Around the horn WITH ROCK IN HAND. 1st base lunge walk, 2nd base broad jump, third base gorilla crawl, and crab walk home (with rock on belly).

20 alternating step ups oyo.

Mosey on greenway around and to the rock pile with a stop along the way for more curls. Drop that rock.

Mary – 80 lbc’s, 20 WW2 sit ups, protractor for a bit, then 10 degrees for a 10 count all around.

COT – Reminder about the Forum (3rd F event every Monday, noon, at Panera by Whole Foods), prayers for John Risley, and also for William Allen being deployed to Afghanistan. YHC shared that as this year goes on, we will have burdens and struggles (like the rock) that we will face, but Matthew 11:28-30 is a great reminder to cast our burdens on Jesus, for His burden is light. I pray that you will lean on other pax and on the Lord as we proceed through another great year.