YHC is turning 40 this month.  It seemed appropriate to celebrate this milestone “F3 style” with a CSAUP 40 mile Ruck.  That is a Ruck, ie walking with a weighted backpack… not running 40 miles.  We aren’t that crazy.  This pre-blast is not to recruit you to Ruck 40 miles, it is to recruit your help to get YHC through 40 miles.   Do as much or as little mileage as you are comfortable with.  We have several waypoints along the way for you to drop in or out as you please.

FiA Raleigh has also graciously offered to run support for the event if you need help getting to or from your car.

This event has no coupons or weight requirement.


See the definition of CSAUP.  (for those too lazy to google.. completely stupid and utterly pointless)

There might be a patch too 🙂


Saturday August 24, 2019 starting at 6pm.  We’ll go until we are freaking done!  Probably 9 or 10am Sunday morning.


This one gets a little tricky but…

Start point:
Bicycle Chain on 70 @6pm

Finish Point:
Umstead State Park Welcome Center @10am

The tricky part.. the start and finish point is only locked in for YHC and anyone attempting the full route.  For anyone that would like to come do part of the event you have various way points to choose from below.

Waypoints (times are approx)
These are departure times..

Mile 6 – 7:45 pm: Richland Creek Trail head on Reedy Creek Road
Mile 11 – 9:15 pm: NC Museum of Art (main parking lot on blue ridge) – short break
Mile 15 – 10:30 pm: Bell Tower at NC State (short break and photo op)
Mile 17 – 11:10 pm: Whole Foods on Wade ave (quick pickup)
Mile 20 – 12:20am: Crabtree Valley Mall (McDonalds parking lot)
Mile 22 – 1:00 am: Shelly Lake (lower lot by the dam)
Mile 30 – 4:00 am: Lake Lynn (lynn road parking lot) – long break
Mile 34 – 6:00 am: Ebeneezer Road entrance to umstead (near poyner road.. not the church)
Mile 39 – 8:30 or 9:00 am: Graylyn Dr and Sycamore Trail intersection in Umstead (will need to hike in from welcome center or ebeneezer church)

*FiA Raleigh has graciously offered to help run support for this event.. so if you need transport to or from a particular waypoint please let us know and we’ll make arrangements for you.

**Bathrooms will be scarce but Mile 20 and Mile 32 have brick and morter bathrooms for sure.

***Breaks will be taken as needed but will generally be every 5 miles including brief breaks at the waypoints.

The Route


The route has us starting in umstead, cutting through to the art museumvia reedy creek, tagging the belltower, heading back to the greenway, crabtree mall, Shelley Lake, Lake Lynn, and the final 6 miles back in Umstead.  It should be a good combination of dirt road, asphault greenways, and as little concrete sidewalk as possible.

Final Thoughts

This is going to suck.. but it will suck less with friends!

Follow the event on Twitter @F3Kanye or hastag #40MilesofKanye
You can also email sgoode@electricsea.com with any questions or demands.  Thanks in advance to FiA raleigh for running support!