9 Pax entered into the gloom for some playground shenanigans


Dynamic Warm Up: 5:45-5:53

Follow the leader

Run/lunge/bear crawl/grapevine/side shuffle

Cross jacks/imperial walkers/Good Mornings/Fazio Arm Circles


Indian agility runs : 5:53-5:58


Play Ground Shenanigans Part II, superset stations 5:58-6:15

Split up into 4 stations

(Yell Mutiny and plank when finished) rotate to next station number ex. 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 1 etc.


Station 1: Chutes and Ladders

Pax climb the rock wall, slide down the slide, followed by 10 sharknadoes x 3


Station 2: Pull and Tucks

Pax perform 5 second eccentric pullups x 3 followed by 10 toe tuck pushups Perform as a superset x3


Station 3: Derkins and agility runs

Pax perform 10 derkins, run towards picnic shelter going in and out the poles, circle the driveway and agility back x3


Station 4: Swang thangs

Perform 10 hanging head rushes followed by 10 diamond cutter pushups (atomic optional) x 3


Mary: 6:15-6:25

Leg Crunches/crossed leg raises/upper circle crunches



Name-O-Rama: Announcements/Prayer