PAX of F3 Raleigh (any beyond),

It’s been shared at COT’s for the past few weeks, but I’m proud to officially announce the F3 Raleigh Day of Service – scheduled for Saturday, June 19th.

This will be an opportunity for PAX across our region to come together and participate in a day where all 3 F’s – Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith – are available. Not only are we using this opportunity to come together as a region, but we’re also using this as a chance to learn more and celebrate Juneteenth; a holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States.

 See below our schedule for the day and what we’ll need from you.

F3 Raleigh Day of Service

0600 – 0830: 1st F – CSAUP – join us for a “mini-Mule” to start this day with the 1st F. We will launch from Vatican City promptly at 0600 and venture through the surrounding area, returning right at 0830. Route, AO’s, and Q’s to be announced. The 1st F will align with the F3 mantra, “No Man Left Behind” – come and push yourself physically – your brothers will be there with you the entire time.

0930 – 1130: 3rd F – Community Service Projects – PAX will sign up to help support a project at one of our local non-profits. We encourage you to sign up for a non-profit or organization that you may not be familiar with yet and PAX you may not post with often!

1200 – 1400: 2nd F – Fellowship Cookout – PAX will reconvene at Dix Park (located to be determined) for an early afternoon of fellowship and the chance to enjoy some good food. Burgers, dogs, vegetarian and vegan options will be made available for all to enjoy. We are also planning on having discussions and opportunities to learn more about Juneteenth from members of the African-American community in Raleigh.

This event is family-friendly, and we encourage you to spend this day with your brothers in the gloom and their families. Also, encourage an FNG to join us for the 2nd and 3rd F opportunities – introduce them to the power for F3!

Where can we use your help?

1st F – interested in organizing the route and finding site Q’s for the “mini-Mule?” Or interested in just Qing one of the stops along the way? Sign up to Q!

2nd F – are you passionate about grilling or can you whip up the best barbeque in F3 Raleigh? Do you want to bring a side to share or bring your best dish? Sign up to bring something!

3rd F – is there a local non-profit or organization that you know needs help with a project? Do your AO’s of choice need some work or need to be cleaned up?  Let us know and we’ll help organize a team to help!

Follow this link and complete the SurveyMonkey to express your interest in the F3 Raleigh Day of Service and sign up to participate in one of the 3 “F’s”.

Reach out to Coco Crisp (@F3_CocoCrisp or with questions or concerns or any suggestions you have. We’re looking forward to making this a great event for our region and one we can duplicate each year! Be on the lookout for an official agenda with all service opportunities and CSAUP route/mileage by May 15th.