F3 Raleigh PAX,

After much consideration, we are calling all @F3Raleigh workouts to pause for business as soon as possible and until April 17. We will continue to update you as the situation evolves. Hope to see you in the gloom soon.

Our very latest update is here.

My Boy Blue & Science and Math

F3 Raleigh PAX,

In an effort to provide some recommendations related to F3 workouts (and/or events) in the wake of virus concerns, for the near term, let’s all please follow the guidelines below: 

1. Feeling Sick? – If you are sick or are getting sick, please do not come to workouts (or any other F3 events). It’s not you. It’s us.

2. Maintain Separation – Avoid partner exercises or exercises that require physical contact or close proximity. Spread out. If you are the Q, please plan around this. If you are not the Q, please remind the Q in the event he didn’t plan around this.

3. Group Size – If you have a large group, Q’s should consider splitting up into smaller groups to better manage space between Pax.

4. COT – Avoid Ball of Man. Do the COT-in-a-circle thing. Keep some space.

5. Greetings/Goodbyes – Probably best to stop doing handshakes, fist bumps, etc. Just give one of those “Yo, whussup” head tilts. We’re cool like that anyway.

6. Speak Up – As with any other items related to Pax safety, please speak up if you deem any unsafe practices (with particular near-term attention to virus transmission). We all carry that responsibility for the good of the group, and no one will mind if you’re actively looking out for them.

7. Self-Select Out – If you are not comfortable posting given the circumstances, we all get it. Of course you can opt out and we’ll see you when this thing passes.

These are some general guidelines for the current conditions. They may change if conditions change, but we’d like to keep the workouts going if we can exercise some precaution along with some muscles and lungs. 

Roger, Wilco, Over and out, 

My Boy Blue