Iron Pax Review

YHC enjoyed Iron Pax…so much…I decided to do a review! The invitation for EC was put out for 6 AM and we had 5 takers including an FNG to pull a double with EC and Mad Mule! YHC pulled an audible and surprised the PAX with trash bags. We went for a 2 mile Plogging…


(F3/FiA Convergence) WhatThis is actually a FiA event, it is a convergence to celebrate 5 years of FiA Raleigh.. yea you read that right.  We will be breaking F3’s 4th rule (or whichever one it is) that says only dudes allowed.  In the past its been three Workouts.. Quickhatch (Ruck), Weekend Crick & Flight Deck.  This year…

The Shakori 40

A buddy of Franzia’s, who has helped support Haven House, is promoting a cool event coming up in Chatham County called the Shakori 40. It’s a team relay or individual trail run event taking place in Pittsboro, NC on November 9th. Check it out!

Swing Fore Mentoring

Our good friends at N2N are hosting the first ever fundraising event at Drive Shack, Raleigh’s first interactive driving range, on September 7th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Dinner will be provided on site for all guests—Taco Bar! PAX – you might enjoy coming out with friends or family!