F3 is intended to be led by the PAX, meaning each man who is in F3 should consider himself willing and ready to lead — or “Q,” in F3 parlance — a workout, event, or any other initiative consistent with the mission and core principles of F3. The growth and dynamism of F3 is seen most clearly at the Regional level, where our Regional Qs lead in launching new workouts, thinking up new ways to promote the Second and Third Fs and hatching new ideas for CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless) F3 Events. This is where the F3Raleigh magic happens!

F3Raleigh Contacts

  • Nant’an (Regional Q) – Vector Victor
  • 1st F Q – Life Alert
  • 2nd F Q – Panty Hose
  • 2nd F CSAUP Q  – Pepe
  • 3rd F Q – Denali

F3Raleigh COMZ

  • Regional IT Support/Website – Floppy Disk & Azul
  • @F3Raleigh Twitter Management – Panty Hose & Pigpen
  • F3Raleigh Newsletter – Azul