6 PAX showed up for my VQ, Guest-Q. It was an honor to run with F3SouthWake and I’m sure I’ll be back for more. Come visit F3Durham anytime.

Being my first Q and first time out to Mutiny I showed up 15 minutes early to scope the scene. Scandal showed up shortly thereafter and we managed to squeeze in a 1-mile warm up run prior to the 0545 kick-off. Enjoyed the time to catch-up on family/work life.

Jog 400 M around upper track
Soccer field center-circle up
SSH x 30 in cadence
Imperial Walker x 30 cadence
Windmill x 30 in cadence
Merkins x 30 in cadence

THE THANG: Low Parking Lot Circle (LPLC); High Parking Lot Circle (HPLC)
Jog over to LPLC for the 3-2-1×5 Bear Crawl Burpee Challenge:
[Bear crawl LPLC 3x, 15x burpees
Sprint up to HPLC, Sprint back down to LPLC
Hold Plank until all PAX return]
[Bear crawl LPLC 2x, 10x burpees
Sprint up to HPLC, Sprint back down to LPLC
Hold Plank until all PAX return]
[Bear crawl LPLC 1x, 5x burpees
Sprint up to HPLC, Sprint back down to LPLC
Hold Plank until all PAX return]

*I called an audible half way around the 2nd Bear Crawl lap (of what was meant to be the 3×5 event) to hold the PAX to Bear Crawl LPLC 2x…yelling out to the struggling PAX that LPLC did not look so big on Google Earth.

20x Merkins in cadence
20-Q-countdown Low Plank hold

Jog over to lower soccer field for the Partner “Hallelujah” Suicide Challenge:
Line-up and Partner-up
Width of the field broken up into 4 sections for suicide style down-and-backs
Partner 1 completes suicide while Partner 2 cycles through the following exercises for each sideline return-touch.
Leg 1: Air Squats (keep hands raised)
Leg 2: Modified Bobby Hurley (don’t slap the ground! only shoot the J)
Leg 3: Lunge (keep hands raised)
Leg 4: Overhead claps (keep clapping until all PAX complete)
Partner 1 & 2 switch running and line exercises
Glory, glory, Hallelujah! this creates a burn…

Hop over to the adjacent Jungle Gym because sometimes I feel like Peter Pan and refuse to grow up:
Up the slippery climbing wall, under the rails, down the slide (It’s surprisingly tiring to navigate a structure built for small kids when you’re feeling winded)
Monkey bar across to complete 10x pull-ups

Jog over to the covered picnic tables for
20x bench dips in cadence
20x decline Merkins (feet up on bench) in cadence

Jog back up the hill to HPLC for some Mary

WWII’s 20x in cadence
Flutters 20x in cadence
Xs and Os 20x in cadence
6 inches for 20-Q-countdown

Scandal gave us some words of wisdom through prayer.

McRib pointed out to me that I should have used the Google Earth scale feature to properly estimate LPLC. So, I did a quick calc and estimate it to be 75 ft in diameter. π × d = ~236 ft Bear Crawl Distance (BCD). That’s ~79 yds each Bear Crawl lap. At 3 times around total we still achieved ~237 yds of Bear Crawl Pain. That’s a decent amateur whack with a golf driver. In typing this message I do, however, somewhat regret the audible as it would have been fun to claim bear crawling a Bubba Watson length drive. Maybe next time?